Home again…

We arrived home from vacation last night.  It’s nice to be home but I could do without the heat.

All of our luggage needs to be unpacked and laundry needs to be done, but I have no motivation to do any of it.  Of course, I drove all of the way home from Anaheim last night so I shouldn’t be surprised that I am so tired today.  So far I have spent the day resting with scattered moments sorting and putting things away.

I’ve already had to deal with a minor issue in the garage.  It’s pretty disheartening given all of the work I just did in there.  I have a set of plastic drawers that stack.  One set has two large file drawers, the other two sets have smaller drawers.  Anyhow, the bottom section buckled at the bottom and made the whole stack lean and fall over.  Luckily other boxes kept the stack from completely falling.  At some point in time I need to go out and figure a solution.  I might have to build a shelf for each section.  There’s just too much to do right now and it’s really too hot to deal with it at this point.  Maybe I will check it out over the weekend.

I am trying to stay positive and not let the heat of the never ending summer depress me.  My plan for the rest of the week is to deal with things in little doses so that I don’t wear myself out.  Here’s hoping that works. 

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