Series revisited…

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for something to read and realized I had never finished reading a series of books.  I had gotten the first book when I worked at Borders in the late 1990’s.  The author had visited the store and I had gotten an  autographed copy of her book.  The autographed book disappeared, I think my sister borrowed it and then lent it to someone else.  Slightly disappointing but not a huge deal in the whole scope of life.   A couple of years ago I found book two and three on Amazon but book four was out of print.   Last year, Sully bought me a few books off of my Amazon wish list after some fairly stressful weeks.  Book four was one of the books that he ordered, he’d found a like new copy from a third party seller but fulfilled by Amazon.

I just finished the last book in this series and decided I would share them with my peeps here.

You can find these books on Amazon.  They are currently out of print but a lot of out of print books have popped up recently on Amazon, Alibris and eBay.  I am not going to add detailed reviews, just my own short description.


Set in Scotland, this book is a great combination of romance, mystery, and legend.  Although it is a regency romance, there is very little fussing and gossiping of the ton.  Most of the story is spent in the highlands of Scotland.  I enjoyed the book, even on the second run around.







White Magic is the second installment of the White Series.  This story is about the brother of the main character in book one.  Another regency romance, this time set in London amongst the watchful eyes of the ton.  This story has romance, of course, but mystery, mistaken identity and some small touches of feminism and science.  Overall, this was another entertaining read.





This book is connected to the first two by the friendship of the main character in book three to the brothers in the first books.  This book is set in both London and Scotland, the story is almost more mystery than romance.  This story also leads right into the last book of the series.






This story actually begins at the end of book 3, with the sister of that book’s main character.  This book is filled with mystery, romance and centuries old Scottish legend.  There are a few unexpected twists and turns that pay off well at the end of the book.



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