I’m Breezy…

We got to the beach a little before 10 in the morning.  We actually had great luck finding parking, which is always good.    It was nice and sunny, not too hot with a nice breeze coming in off of the water.


We had a super fantastic lunch at Harbor Fish.  

We had a super fantastic lunch at Harbor Fish.  


It’s a small place with tiny tables and benches but the food is fantastic and we were sitting about 20 yards from the ocean.

It was a great day!


He’s my brother…

We spent today with my brother.   After meeting at his house we left to go hike Iron Mountain with my brother and his wife.  It was an abbreviated hike though, that thing on the top of my foot, muscle, tendon, bone??? was killing me every time we walked uphill.  It turned out to be a good thing though because it was a little too warm for my brother’s dogs.

We had a great day and they will be meeting us at the beach tomorrow morning.  Yay!


Along for the ride…

We left Arizona this morning for our California vacation.  We left around 10:00 so that we missed the morning rush hour traffic here and hopefully we will be in San Diego before their afternoon rush hour.

We stopped in Yuma for lunch.  Here is a shot of the mural on the water tanks.  Click here for a great article on Arizona Oddities about the art.

We got into San Diego a little before 4:00 and then to our hotel in Encinitas at about a quarter after.  Our hotel is literally a mile from the beach, the weather is always beautiful, sunny with light, cool breezes.  The hotel isn’t the greatest but the price is right and I love being so close to the beach.

We got settled in the hotel room and then drove up the freeway a few miles to have dinner at King’s Fish House.  After dinner we went to the beach to watch the sunset, well, the end of the sunset at least.

I took this picture with my phone.  It’s not the greatest picture, it was quite beautiful in person though.  


Learning as I go…

Ok, so this was my last day of my 21 day challenge.  Overall, I think I did pretty well.  I stayed with everything pretty solidly the first two weeks, faltering after that due to some other issues.  All in all, I think I did pretty well and I lost 4.5 pounds.  Yay me!  My reward is to get another ear piercing.  I have three piercings in my left ear and only one in the right.  I want one more on the right side.  In the top piercing in my left ear I wear a special earring that Sully got me, he actually got me a set of earrings but one disappeared.  The other piercings will even up so I can wear two sets of earrings.  Ok, whatever, it makes sense to me.  

Here’s one of things that I learned, and apologize in advance to any menfolk that are reading, keeping to any sort of plan of exercise is really difficult for me at that time of the month.  I am spacey a day or so before and have tummy and back cramps for three or four days after that.  It’s only taken me twenty plus years to figure this out… refer to the spacey comment above.  From here on out I will plan my 21 day challenges around that week.  I will design a lighter plan for that week that will help me stay on track without setting me up to fail.

It’s almost midnight and I still have a million things to do before we leave in the morning.  I’ve made my list and I really hope I can get everything done soon so I can get some sleep.

Day 21

1.  Water –  2 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  **

3.  Writing  –  

4.  Exercises –  Stretching**

5.  Project –  Packing for trip (many, many hours)

**Extremely busy today getting ready for trip.


Almost there…

It was no coincidence that I scheduled my 21 day challenge to end the day before we left on vacation.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, wind down the challenge and then reward myself with the vacation.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t really played out like that.  There’s so much to do that I am having a hard time keeping track of both. 

Today was a bit of a trial.  My vehicle needs an oil change before the trip.  I say vehicle because I was just informed that my Honda Odyssey is not a van or minivan but a wagon.  It sounds weird to say ‘my wagon needs an oil change’, so I settled on vehicle but that still seems strange.  Somehow too technical, too bereft of description.  So, anyway my Honda Odyssey (too much?).  My Odyssey needs an oil change, and I had mentioned to Sully’s mom that maybe we could do lunch.  I’d drop off the va…wago…Odyssey and she could pick me/us up and go to lunch.  There are plenty of places to eat just across the way from the Honda dealership.  

That was all worked out and then Gramma (Sully’s mom) had the oil light go on in her wagon (another Odyssey) and so she decided to go early since it should be quick.  She has a much newer Odyssey and she never waits more than 30 minutes.  So, then it was we would meet at Honda, her ‘wagon’ would be done and we’d go to lunch while mine was in for service.   Sully would be working from home so he would be able to go too.  

This morning I am at swim with Boo and I get a text saying ‘I’m at Honda and there is an hour and a half wait.  I will text you when the van is ready’  (Clearly, she hasn’t gotten the wagon vs. van memo.)  So, Boo and I head home to change and to get Sully.  So, we’re sitting there waiting for the text from Gramma and all I can think of is all of the stuff I need to do to get ready for the trip.  It’s Wednesday and we leave Friday morning, we haven’t packed, I don’t even have the luggage out yet.  There’s no time to start anything, Gramma could text at any moment.  After about 30 minutes, just about the time that Sully was about to lose his patience, we get the text and head out.  

Lunch was fun, but Honda is still backed up so Gramma drives us home after and we’ll have to go back to Honda later to pick up the Odyssey.  I decide to get to work on Boo’s bathroom, while Boo works on her bedroom.  I get all of the cleaning stuff and get halfway down the hall when I realize that I had started laundry earlier and I still needed to get stuff in the dryer.  I stop to do that and on to the bathroom.  I barely started cleaning the bathroom when Sully hollers at me from where he is working in the master bedroom.  I go back down the hall and across the bedroom and he asks me about what time the guy at Honda said the car would be done.  I look at the clock do some quick calculations and say, ‘really, anytime now.’  The phone started ringing before I finished talking.  So, the guy at Honda says that the Odyssey is ready and that my rear tires need to be replaced.  Something about dry rot and damage from a nail…oy.  I already knew the bathroom would have to wait when the phone rang but now it’s really going to have to wait.  

Back to Honda and then on to Walmart for new tires.  Normally, Walmart would not be my first choice but about a year ago I needed a tire on Memorial Day weekend and Walmart was the only place that was open.  I was very thankful because I had to help Sully’s parents with a dr’s appointment the next day.  In October, I replaced another tire at Walmart so it seemed smart to just stay with those tires.  Also, I had some last minute shopping to do and I figured I could do it while waiting.  

Wednesday must be a busy day because Walmart was also backed up, we were there for 20 minutes before the service guy was able to get to us.  He got us checked in and then told us the wait would be an hour and a half.  Of course, it is.  So, Boo and I start shopping and text Sully that we would be there for a while.  Sully decides to come pick us up since we live about a mile away.  I got most of the shopping done although I really needed to look for some new shorts.  We went back home and I finally got Boo’s bathroom cleaned up, the dog’s fed and then back out to pick up the Odyssey again.  These back and forth trips are making me crazy, the summer heat isn’t helping either, 106 degrees, blah!

I continued to work on laundry but not much else, the day was just too exhausting.  Hopefully, I will have a more productive day tomorrow.  Sully has an early meeting at the office so hopefully I can get up early and get a jump on things in the morning.  I will park the Civic in the garage tomorrow when he gets back.  Yay!

Day 20

1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  **

3.  Writing  –  

4.  Exercises – Stretching/light cardio**

5.  Project – General house straightening

** I am still sore from the increased activity in the house/garage.  I am doing extra stretching and some light cardio to warm up my muscles.