Kickstart this…

Hey all, a friend of mine is doing a Kickstarter project for advance sales of her upcoming novel, Glimmer Girls. You can read the first page of the book on the kickstarter page and there are lots of rewards to choose from. For $5.00 you get an enhanced version of the e-book. Think of it as a pre-order.  It’s a really great idea and I really hope she makes her goal.

Check out her Kickstarter page.  Please pass it on.  🙂

Glimmer Girls, a new paranormal romance

by Kate George


Glimmer Girls. Born with scales, raised on land. Ocean or Earth? Which world will she choose? A paranormal romance.

  • Launched: Aug 13, 2012
  • Funding ends: Aug 27, 2012

Glimmer Girls is the story of Clara, a woman of two worlds, land and water. She must choose which world, which man, which life.

While the story is largely finished, this Kickstart will help me hire the professionals I need to fine tune, revise and launch e-book and paper back versions.


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