Always prepared…

Well, not always, but I do try really hard to be prepared, and I wasn’t even a Girl Scout.

Today, I am preparing lesson plans for this next homeschool year.  I can’t believe that Boo is going to be in 5th grade.  It seems like yesterday that we were singing the alphabet song and dancing around while we learned everything else.

Boo is a great student, she picks up things very quickly.  She can read something, write it down and will be able to recall it later that week.  I am like that, I remember in college being able to see my notes in my head.  I could turn the pages (in my head) to find what I needed for a test or paper.  It’s very helpful for spelling and grammar.

The schedule for this year is…

Foreign language – Italian
Home Ec

Most of what I am doing today is determining how the lessons will be set out over the school year.  Our school year is 32 weeks long, split up into two, 16 week semesters, one before Christmas and one after.  The sixteen week semesters are separated into two, 8 week sessions.  I can further break down the sessions into 4 week blocks for some of the subjects.  

Homeschooling can be a lot of work but I really love it.  It gives me piece of mind that she is learning what is being taught.  If we need to spend more time on something we just stop and go back until we are comfortable.  Everyday isn’t perfect, we have good days and bad days.  Most weeks start with moaning and groaning, and then Boo gets up and she’s all mopey.  Some Mondays it can take us a good half hour or so for us to get into the groove.   Beyond that though, it’s all good and I really enjoy our school time.

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