Family game night…

We used to do Family Game Night a few years ago, it wasn’t every weekend but we had some fun nights.  We played Clue, Trivial Pursuit, various Disney games, and some card games.  Family Game Night had faded away over the last year or so.  We bought a card table a few months ago, so it was clear that game night would be back soon.

It’s Labor Day weekend so we were ready for a few days of relaxing family fun.   During the day we caught up on the second season of The Walking Dead, that probably doesn’t seem like the most family friendly program.  The show was adapted from a comic book so it’s only natural that this comicon family watches it.  For those of you that don’t watch it, the show is more about the people that survived than about the zombies.  Having said that, the zombie special effects and make up are amazing, probably the best I have seen.  Let’s be clear, I am not a special effects make up expert or a zombie expert but I have seen a lot of zombie movies.  Sully is a huge fan of zombie movies, from Night of the Living Dead to Army of Darkness to Zombieland.  I’ve seen them all, twice, of course, my favorite is ‘Shaun of the Dead’.  It’s so funny, not just the dialogue or the action but the stuff going on in the background too.  

For game night we played a few games of Clue and then a few of the Walking Dead board game.  It was a good day and a fun night.


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