Stuff it…

I am working on making new cushions and removable covers for the couch.  I built this couch about five years ago.  The cushions that are on it were supposed to be somewhat temporary but the permanent cushions just never got taken care of.

We had originally gotten cushions at IKEA.

The bottom cushions are the GOSA ASTER cushion, 26″ x 26″ and is a pretty dense support pillow.  I think it’s mainly used for floor pillows or used behind regular pillows to prop up against while reading or relaxing in bed.  They were great at first but not so much five years later.  They are uber flat from us sitting on them for so many years.

For the back cushions we got the ‘Inner cushion’ which is IKEA’s basic cushion that fits in their decorative covers.  This cushion is more like a bed pillow but even more squishy.  The cats love to lay on these and the usually end up looking quite smushed, the pillows, not the cats.

I did some research and knew that I needed foam that was at least 4″ thick to be comfortable.  We have a Joann’s close by but their 4″ foam is nearly $50 a yard and I needed 4 yards.  I was having a hard time making myself spend $200 on foam and then even more for fabric and the other materials needed to cover the cushions.

I used foam that was 4″x22″x22″.


A few months ago I saw that Hobby Lobby had foam cushions for less than $20.  They have coupons on their website so over a period of a few months we would stop by on the way to Sully’s mom’s house and buy a cushion or two.  We needed six total.  With the coupons the foam cost less than $75, definitely better than $200.




We stopped at JoAnn Crafts today to look at fabric.  I wanted Sully’s opinion on cushion covers.  The cushions we currently have are a silver grey corduroy, a few of the top cushions are black.  The grey corduroy held up pretty well until about six months ago and now it’s just looking sad and honestly the black is not great either.  The black fabric has a smaller gauge of corduroy which makes it almost like velvet.  Everything sticks to it and since it’s black you can see it at a hundred paces.  We saw the same corduroy this morning both the grey and the black.  The denim section was just down the aisle from the corduroy.  It looks like it will be durable and the fabric is 60″ wide so there will be little to no waste which is always good.  Now I just have to see sit down with my graph paper and see how much fabric I need.


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