One snake at a time…

Ok, it was one of those days.  I had a terribly frustrating morning which pretty much solidified my thought that I will never shop at Barnes and Noble again.  Anyhow, my morning was awful but my afternoon and evening were pretty good.  In fact, Boo and I had a somewhat giggly half hour before we ate dinner.  Sully had a rough day too, we all were looking forward to a relaxing night.  We ate dinner watched some TV and then things kind of went downhill from there, emotionally at least.

It wasn’t a horrid night but an unexpected phone call later and one more thing to deal with.  Alone it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but added to the pile it feels like a lot.  Every time I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on things, or caught up on something or even a little step ahead of the game, I get dragged back ten steps.  I could handle the usual “two steps forward and one step back” but this is just hard to deal with.  At least I was gaining a step in the usual scenario.

I saw this quote tonight and it was so fitting. 

Terry Pratchett:
“Don’t think of it as a big bucket of snakes. Think of it as one snake at a time.”

It reminded me that I need think differently.  Look at things separately or at least broken down.  One snake at a time…works for me.

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