Letting go…

Today was one of those weird days that was a combination of a less than desirable situation and really good company.  

I can’t really go into details and yes, it’s kind of rude for me to bring it up if I can’t really talk about it.  It’s not completely my story to tell so I feel it’s best to go gently but I will try really hard not to be completely vague about things.

So, first the situation, there was some physical household type activity involved it was dusty and dirty and free of air conditioning as well as yard work type of stuff on a humid 101 degree day.  It’s wasn’t super hard work but it wasn’t fun work either, although some of the yard work stuff was a a bit rough.  

And the company, I’ve been close to one of these people for many years but contact has been kind of spotty over time and only we have only reconnected in recent years.  The other person I had never really gotten a chance to get close to but in the last two years I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  

Yesterday, while we were working I was able to discuss some stuff that had been bugging me since my parents passed a few years ago.  It was nice to get it out and find out I wasn’t out of line or nuts for thinking some of the stuff.  

The best part was going to lunch after we were done working, Boo and Sully met us there.  We talked for quite a while and had a good time.  I am very grateful for that time and it seriously reaffirmed to me that families are who and what you make of them not only the DNA, blood or documents that say that you are.

Here is a great blog post about making your family, on the Lucy March blog A Year and Change.




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