Hanging with Boo…

Today, after we were done with school, Boo and I went shopping.  I had some coupons that expire at the end of the month and decided since Sully was at work it would be a good idea for a fun afternoon.

We started at DSW.  I was looking for shoes that would look good with jeans, cargo pants or dress pants.  Not that I have any dress pants, mind you but I figured I should include them.  I would have like to have found some slip on shoes, like a casual loafer.  Several years ago I had a pair of shoes that laced up, they were brown leather-like material and kind of looked like a men’s shoe but they looked so cute with jeans.  I wanted something like that.  Of course, I found nothing like that.  I found a lot of shoes with big heels, or big clunky slips ons with heels.  Some were cute and I tried on a few of those but nothing really fit and some of them were so clunky that they just looked weird on my feet.

Boo had much better luck than I did and tried on a ton of shoes.  Several of which I took pictures of so we could look for them online later.  We didn’t buy anything in the store but I got some ideas so I could order online and use all of my coupons and codes.  (More on this part later…)

After DSW we stopped at Joanns, we wandered a lot looking for various items on our list, most of which we couldn’t find.  We did come across these nifty things to make headbands.  You can choose any ribbon to put in the clips.

I have a headband similar to this one.  That I got about twelve years ago at Target.  It’s my favorite headband and I wear it at least once every week.  I’ve been talking about making some other headbands like it since it’s so comfortable.  I was excited to see that Simplicity had provided this option.  The package contains two and we got a package with black bands and a package with silver grey bands.  There might be other colors but this is what our Joanns had.  We picked out ribbon but there were technical issues at the cutting counter with the electronic scanner things, so we left without the ribbon.  I am pretty sure we will be at Joann’s again sometime soon.

After that we went to Build A Bear, I had a Stuff for Stuff certificate for $10 and then a Happy Birthday coupon for $5 off.  Boo had wanted the Princess Merida outfit from ‘Brave’.  This is the only pic I have right now.  I will try to snag a pic of the bear dressed up. 

We picked up lunch and went home to eat and watch reruns on TV.  It was great having a day (or half a day) to do just fun stuff and enjoy being with Boo.  She is super funny and we laughed a lot.  It was a good day, indeed.

Later that night…

I went on to DSW’s website and ordered some shoes.

This is the Kelly & Katie Janell Wedge, I tried it on at DSW.  They were comfortable and I think they will look good with jeans and my cargo pants.  

I got free shipping if I spent a little more and found these cute shoes.  I got them in black since I had already gotten the other shoes in brown.

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