Planning stages…

For the last two weeks, the cushions for the couch have been leaning against a bookcase in the Great Room.  Boo is super excited about decorating for Halloween but the house needs to be straightened up a lot more before that’s going to happen.  The cushions being the biggest issue.  I had been saying I was in the planning stages but no one was going to buy that at this point.  I was stuck and  I admit it, I was procrastinating.  The cushion covers I made before were easy, two square panels and some velcro and I was done.  


They looked like these floor pillows.

This time I was dealing with foam that was 4″ thick along with the batting wrapped around it.  We’re talking side panels now.






My cushions will look like these.  Almost exactly like these, I decided not to do piping around the cushion edges.  I didn’t think it would look all that good with the denim or with the style of our couch.  And honestly, I had no desire to muck around with sewing the piping.  How’s that for a straight answer?


I found a great tutorial on eHow online that explained how to put the cushion together.  The instruction by Karen Weisman was very helpful.  Check it out here.  I think I am prepared to actually start on the cushions.

Earlier tonight I got my sewing machine out and did some quick mending.  After that I cut out a few of the pieces I will need for the cushions.  I wanted at least one full set so I could  sew it together and make sure it worked.  

Cross your fingers, I’ll check in tomorrow with an update.

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