Never too early…

It’s never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume.  Actually for us this is kind of late.  We usually have our costumes planned out months in advance.  In fact, one year we ended Halloween night planning the next year’s costumes. We usually do a theme thing where Sully, Boo and I all dress up together.  We’ve been including my sister and her kids for the last several years.


For most of the last decade, we’ve been thinking about a Harry Potter Halloween but for various reasons it just never happened.  One of the reasons was that Sully would suggest something else.  I didn’t realize until this year that he was doing that because he didn’t want to go as Gilderoy Lockhart.  That all started when the movie, Chamber of Secrets came out years ago.  Sully did a hilarious impression of Lockhart and my sister suggested that should be his costume.  So years of himming and hawwing later and I find out he’s not that excited about anyone else.  We were actually supposed to have a Harry Potter theme last year but switched at the last minute because I just didn’t have the energy to research, design and sew costumes that were that elaborate.  That year we went as fairies, yep, even Sully.  

Ok, back to this year.  We had promised everyone that this year would definitely be our Harry Potter year.  Unfortunately, neither Sully nor I was all that excited with the theme.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry Potter.  I’ve read all of the books at least twice and I’ve loved the movies.  There just aren’t a lot of roles for women, I am too old to be Hermione and too young to be McGonagall.  I suppose I could have designed my own groovy character but I just wasn’t feeling it.  About a week or so ago I came up with the idea that we could open up the theme to all witches and wizards.  Everyone could pick and choose their favorite character and go from there.  I made some calls, sent out some texts and emails and everyone was on board.  

Sully and I are going to be Balthazar and Veronica from the movie The Sorceror’s Apprentice.  Boo is sticking with Harry Potter, her costume is going to be a steampunk version of a Hogwart’s student.  I can’t wait to get sewing.  


***Update… the title is kind of funny given that I am just now posting it.  It was another post that didn’t get posted back when it was supposed to.  

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