All about us…

So, Tuesday night, we relaxed for a bit after Sully’s long day at work.  He reminded me that we were doing our birthday gift exchange.  In my worry about how he was doing during the day I had completely forgotten.  Boo and I dashed out to pick up Panda Express for dinner.  

We exchanged gifts before dinner because Sully couldn’t wait any longer for me to open my gift.  

Look!  A framed still from ‘Thor’, autographed by Chris Hemsworth.  

It even came with a Certificate of Authenticity card with a picture of Chris Hemsworth signing the movie still.


It’s so beyond awesome.  Thank you to Boo and Sully!  They are the best. 

Boo and I got Sully a video game, Borderlands 2.  He wanted the super cool deluxe set so he pre-ordered it sometime over the summer and it came out today.  The last part being the main reason that we are celebrating our birthdays a week ahead of time.

Sully ooh’d and ahh’d over all of the nifty things in the set.


Environment of fear…

Tuesdays are one of the few days that Sully has to go in to the office for work.  Right before 10:00 I got a text from Sully letting me know that he was going in to a last minute team meeting.  He didn’t think it was a going to be a good meeting.  There have been rumors for a couple of weeks about layoffs.   Of course, we’ve dealt with this for more than ten years, every year between September and December there are talks of layoffs.  It’s three months of worry and I am guessing a lot of sleepless nights.  I don’t know if their plan is to create this climate of fear but regardless that is the result.

Sully has been stressed, super stressed.  I, on the other hand, haven’t been worried.  I mean, I worry about Sully and his stress level but I seem to have a psychic sense for some of this stuff.  Honestly, his job security has not popped up on my radar, at all.  I keep telling Sully to be calm and that we will figure it out no matter what happens but it’s little comfort.  I understand his concern but I hate to see him worry about stuff that it out of our control.

The meeting was one of those good news/bad news situations.  The bad news was that a lot of people were getting laid off and the good news, Sully wasn’t one of them.  Even so, it was an upsetting day for him.  He said there was a huge stack of empty boxes in the center of the building for people to pack.  I can’t imagine how tragic and sad that must have been.

I was so glad to see Sully when he got home and gave him a huge hug.  I am over all of the stress, I just want Sully to be calm and worry free.


Nothing going on…

My short rant for the week…

I am a stay at home mom, in charge of teaching homeschool, housekeeping, pet caretaking, landscaping, and pretty much everything else that goes on here.  Yet time and time again, people who very well know how much I do here but act like I just sit around watching TV.  No one has ever said anything straight out but there is definitely the air of ‘you don’t have a job so your schedule isn’t important.’  

It makes me crazy.  I offer to help and then I have to work around their schedule.  No one even asks me what will work for me.  Half the time I show up at the time they tell me and then I have to wait around for them.  I spend so much time standing around thinking of all of the stuff that I need to do at home.  It’s so rude and disrespectful.  It seriously makes me want to scream.  


Unorganized chaos…

For the last month, I have been trying to figure out how to deal with stuff that has accumulated in our laundry room.  It didn’t happen overnight, it started slow and then just kept piling up.  Some of it got left there and then lost underneath the other stuff.  Most of it came out of the craft room when I straightened my table and the area around Boo’s desk.  

I’ve procrastinated about dealing with it because not only do I need to tackle the pile but I also need to move my sewing stuff out of the rolling shelf in between the washer and dryer.  Moving that stuff means moving a bunch of stuff in the craft room.  As much as I want everything straightened up, the thought of making a mess in two different rooms makes me want to go running, screaming into the night.  

I pondered dealing with it for several weeks and then I began to work out in my head how to get it done with a minimal amount of mess.  Last night while we were watching TV I started sorting the laundry room.  I have containers on a shelf above the washer and dryer.  I brought those in one by one and sorted through them, cleared one out and packed it with something else.  After the shelf was straightened I sorted through the pile on the dryer.  Half of the pile got thrown into the hamper, towels that had apparently been pulled out of the washer and never thrown in the dryer.  It’s Arizona, it’s hot and once they dried they just became part of the pile.  The rest of it I sorted in piles to deal with later.  Then I pulled out the rolly shelf between the washer and dryer.  Luckily I had sorted the sorting stuff into small stackable containers.  I set those on the dryer and then put the iron and all of the other ironing accessories in the rolly cart.  

This morning, I pulled all of the boxes and other stuff out from under my table in the craft room.  I had a plan to put my sewing machine under the wire shelf attached to the legs of the table but the sewing didn’t quite fit, it slid under perfectly until it hit the bobbin feed.  So annoying.  Twenty minutes, a bit of swearing and two aborted plans later I got everything set up under my desk.  I really need to cover the wire shelf with foam core or cardboard to make everything sit well but it all fit perfectly.  I am really pleased that my sewing stuff is now officially in the craft room.  Yay!

Of course, I still have to deal with the stuff stacked up in the hallway and the piles sorted onto the sewing table and the couch.  

Also this morning, I printed up labels for the containers and baskets in the laundry room.  I will have to make a another post about labeling, it’s addictive.   Regardless of my addiction, Sully and Boo will now know where things are and where they need to go.  Another yay for me!

I wish I had an entire room like this. My laundry area is basically a closet with bi-fold doors.



I remember where I was on that Tuesday in September 2001…

I was nearly eight months pregnant with Boo, my mom called to tell me what was going on. She’d been watching CNN after the first tower was hit and saw the second plane. I watched footage all day and probably for weeks afterward. I couldn’t help but think what kind of world I was bringing a baby into. So many years later it is clear that, although our world is changed forever by what happened that day, we continue to be strong, resilient and united. We will always remember this day and the lives that were lost…



Better than ever…

So, Monday I was talking about following Peyton Manning through his football career at Tennessee.  I didn’t see all of the games but I definitely kept up with scores and stats.

I watched the NFL draft drama play out between Peyton and Ryan Leaf.  Peyton proved his work ethic when he showed up to the combine in shape and ready to play.  In contrast, Ryan Leaf showed up “out of shape and overweight”*  Leaf weighed in at the combine at 20 pounds over his playing weight, causing many experts to question Leaf’s pro-readiness.

As we all know, the Colts chose Peyton as their first pick and Leaf went to the San Diego Chargers.  I followed Peyton and the Colts although we didn’t see a lot of games here in Arizona for the first few years.  As the Colts played better, their games started being shown on TV in our area.  It didn’t take long before I had become a huge Colts fan.  I cried when they beat the Patriots to make it to the Superbowl in 2007.   I spent the second half of SuperBowl XLI pacing behind the couch and of course, I cried when I realized they were going to win it.  Then I grumbled when not more than 30 minutes after winning the game the commentators made the point of saying that he wouldn’t repeat.  You’d think they’d give him more than 30 minutes to savor the victory before they started hacking on him but whatever.

Fast forward to last year, horror of horrors, Peyton is injured and can’t play.  The NFL being on strike delayed treatment and surgery and we missed the whole season.  Well, we missed seeing Peyton for the entire season.  It was hard to watch and we didn’t get many of the games on TV.

Then in the off season Irsay cleaned house and I lost all of my favorite players including Peyton.  Dallas Clark went to Tampa Bay, Jeff Saturday is with the Packers, Pierre Garcon is in D.C. with the Redskins.  There are a few players that stayed like Freeney and Vinatieri but for the most part the team I’ve cheered for is gone.  I know that it’s part of the game, it’s just business.

Here’s what I realized, I am a fan of the players.  I am cheering for the players every week not the front office or the owner.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not stupid I realize that tough decisions need to be made to keep the team successful on and off of the field.  I just think that the Colts dropped the ball on this one.  (Pun may have been intended but I am not sure.)  The team relied on Peyton for so many years and then cut him loose when things got tight.  He restructured his contract twice over the years to help them keep other players.  Ugh, I could rant about this all night.  

Jump to now, and Peyton is with the Broncos.  I think it was a good pick, we all figured he would stay AFC to avoid direct competition with Eli and it seems  like a good fit between Peyton and the coaches.

The Steelers vs. Broncos game was the featured Sunday night game on the opening weekend of the regular season.  The Broncos had a slow start but Peyton had a blazing second half.  There were a few passes that were so perfect, so textbook, so vintage Peyton, it was breathtaking.  (Well, breathtaking to me.)  There was a lot of talk about how he would perform, he had neck surgery, he’d been away for a year, he’s old, you name it, they were talking about it.  His stats were good, completing 19-of-26 passes (73.1 percent) for 253 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions for a 129.2 passer rating during the 31–19 win over the Steelers..  A 71-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas was his 400th of his career, moving him to third place behind Dan Marino and Brett Favre.

It was a good night, back to normal and seriously…

Better than ever!

*Big Lead Sports article from March 20th, 2012

**Sports Illustrated article from April 13, 1998


Where it started…

Back in the mid 1990’s, I was watching a lot of college football.   NFL football was in transition, at least for me.  I had grown up a Cowboys fan, with no team in Arizona and Danny White, an ASU stand out at quarterback it was a given.  When Tom Landry was fired and Danny White released my loyalty to them faded quickly.  The Cardinals had moved from St. Louis to Arizona in 1988 and were consistently horrible from the beginning.  I remember when talk first started to circle that Phoenix might get a team.  I talked to anyone and everyone about it.  I wanted one of the expansion teams to come here, I thought we needed something new and fresh, not some team that another town didn’t want.  I was about fifteen at the time and although most people agreed with me apparently the NFL thought otherwise.  So, Cardinals left St. Louis and we got the Bidwells, seriously not the best deal.  

I wasn’t their biggest fan but I loved football and tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.  The Cardinals had a 7  – 9 record the first year, followed by several years of 4 – 12 and 5 – 11 records and didn’t do better than the 7 – 9 until 1998.   They had front office issues, coach issues and weren’t exactly community friendly.   Instead of just picking whatever NFL team was winning at the time I started watching more college football and let the business minded NFL go on without me.  I am sure it was hard for them to do but they seemed to survive it.

Saturdays were great, NCAA football had games starting at 10:00am and all through the afternoon and evening.  I was back in college at the time and did a lot of my studying during those football games.  The early games would be Big-10 and ACC,  the SEC and marquee games midday, later games would feature PAC-10 and WAC or the occasional big match up at night.

It was during this time that I started watching a certain Tennessee quarterback named Peyton Manning.  At first I was picking the Tennessee game just because everyone knew it would be a good game, no matter who they played.  Then I was simply impressed by Peyton (and yes, I call him Peyton, I mean I’ve been watching him for over 15 years, right?).  On the field, Peyton was confident and efficient and off of the field, in every sideline report he was nice, respectful and smart.  

In a world where professional athletes acted like they owned the world it was refreshing to see him so well grounded.

So, that’s how it started, later this week I will talk more about where we are now.