Happy Halloween…

I have the finally little bits of sewing done.  My dress has trim and has been ironed.  Boo’s  costume is all done and ironed.  We have some decorations to add to her hat and she’s all good.  Sully’s coat is done and he has an awesome hat.  

Game on!

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!!!


Crazy busy…

October is a crazy busy month for us.  Sully and I barely step out of our birthday weekend and right into the crazy.  Boo’s Birthday and Halloween are the biggest events.  I should also add that we take our annual Disneyland trip usually in the second week of October.  We come home from that and slide right into birthday prep and party followed by frantic costume sewing for Halloween.

Halloween is big for us, between decorating and the costumes it’s almost as big as Christmas.  We usually decorate for Halloween after Boo’s birthday but this year she wants a Nightmare Before Christmas birthday party.  It will be nice decorating early, we have a lot of decorations that usually only get put up for ten to fourteen days.  I like having the entire month of October to enjoy the decorations.



Here’s a view of our decorations in the kitchen. That’s Scotty trying to blend in.