Go Figure…

When I first injured my foot I did some online research, that is how I discovered that it was a high ankle sprain.  I also got some information on treatment and recovery.  Pretty much everything I read claimed that it would take at least six weeks for it to heal.  I’ve sprained my ankle before and it’s taken only about 10 to 14 days to heal.  There might be some residual effects as my ankle strengthened but six weeks just seemed ridiculous.

Today was the first day that I didn’t wear my ankle brace all day and I did pretty well.  We walked all over Costco and then later Sam’s Club because we forgot to look for the gingerbread house at Costco.  Later, I put the brace on briefly while moving Christmas boxes out to Sully’s mom’s garage.  I was concerned about negotiating that step down into the garage while pulling a two wheel dollie.   I took it off afterward though and had no significant issues.  Once getting into the car I bent my ankle a bit and felt a twinge.

I was glad I was that I was finally feeling like my ankle was healing.  The ankle brace wasn’t an issue except when I was wearing shoes.  I mostly wear Crocs around the house and I didn’t have a lot of problems with the brace interfering with them.  My running shoes though were another matter, the shoes were not comfortable at all with the brace on.  I ended up wearing my hiking boots everywhere, although I think that turned out to be a really good idea.  The boots gave me extra support and didn’t interfere with the brace at all.  I’ll probably still keep the brace handy in case I am doing anything that might cause a relapse.

Of course, looking at the calendar I find that the six week prognosis is spot on and not ridiculous in the least.  Go figure…

running shoes


NaNo success…



I finally got my 50,000 words.  It wasn’t easy given the vacation, the holiday and the events of this week.  My word count topped out at 52,053, and I am quite positive that about 10,000 of it is mush but at least I worked through it and got to 50K.

My goal now is to stay with it.  I’ll need to go back and re-edit the mush part so that I can continue on and get the rest of the re-writes and edits done.  I’d like to get a proof copy by March so that I can do any last minute editing before June the deadline for getting my five free copies of the finished book.

It’s time for me to get a move on with all of this.  I’ve got these four books to finish, well five now, plus I have a few other ideas that I need to work on.   I am going to work hard through December so that I can be already on the move when the New Year starts.


Life is not fair…

My sister called this evening, she was on her way to the hospital.  She came home to find her husband collapsed in his office.  Paramedics came and they suspect he’d had a stroke.  He went into the ER, the MRI and other tests confirmed it was a stroke.  He was air evac’d to a different hospital with a neurological center.  The transport happened around midnight.  It’s now 2:00am and they are taking him into surgery to take pressure off of his brain.  

I am dozing between text messages from my sister.  I offered to come down to sit with her but she said no.  She has her son and her daughter (step daughter really but we don’t think like that in this family) there with her.    It’s going to be a long night.

I am not really ready for dealing with this.  Of course, no one is ever ready but it’s too soon after losing Sully’s dad.  It’s barely been six months, we are trying to get through the holidays.  Trying to figure out how it works now that there are four of us instead of five.  Sully’s family was already small, Sully, his mom and dad, and his grandparents.  The rest of the family distanced by either miles or past behavior.    Over the years, I was added and then Boo, it was a good group for holidays.  His grandparents passed a few years ago and then it was just the five of us, a smaller group but we had a great time together.  Now, we are down to four, and it’s hard not to notice that our group is getting smaller.  It’s hard not to be depressed, I cope by cracking jokes.  I am sure some people think that I am not taking it seriously or that I am not sensitive to everyone’s loss.  The truth is that I am overly sensitive to everyone’s feelings, I have to make a joke and break the tension before I start screaming or crying.

I am worried about my brother in law and devastated for my sister.  I cannot imagine coming home and finding him like that.  It’s so upsetting that I can’t even put it into terms of my life.  Running in an undercurrent to all of that I am saddened to see our chance for a normal holiday season seemingly slip away.  It’s selfish, I know, but I can’t help it.  We’ve had few opportunities to celebrate lately and I was hoping for at least this family time for us to heal and make new memories.  We knew it was going to be tough and we are doing our best to make new traditions and keep busy.  It’s like walking into the wind though, for every step forward, it’s two steps back.  It’s exhausting and miserable and most of the time it’s not getting us anywhere.  What’s the alternative?  Huddling in the corner?  No, even at my lowest, I know that isn’t the answer either.  We’ve got to keep moving forward even if it’s in fits and starts, or even though I want to scream that it’s so unfair.  I mean, wasn’t it bad enough that my dog died this week?  Did more bad stuff have to happen?  

It’s crushing and overwhelming, but we have to keep moving forward.  Not just for me, or for Boo and Sully, or for Sully’s mom but for Lily and Hans and their kids.  So, we get up and brush ourselves off, even Scarlett knew that tomorrow was another day. 


Am I blue…

The plan today is to try to make it through as normal as possible.  It would be easier if my first job of the day wasn’t feeding the dogs.  Foley was happy to see me and I gave him a good scratch and a quick hug.   It was a quick hug because he was doing the bathroom dance by the back door.  He had that face that said, “thanks for the hug Mom but I gotta go!”

I am keeping busy continuing to decorate the Kitchen and Great room.  I have boxes that need to go back out to the garage.  Sully is working from home today which I am thankful.  He is doing his best to keep my mind off of things.  It’s funny though, he knows I am distracting myself by keeping busy and just pops in every now and then to check on me.  As plans go, it worked pretty well he chatted with me while I cooked and helped me take the boxes into the garage.

In the evening I sat down and started making plans for my Christmas crafts.  I’ve decided to make some Christmas banners similar to the Thankful banner I made for Thanksgiving.  I’ve picked several sayings after thinking about the different people I will be making them for.

Boo is going to make some stuffed patchwork type of owls for people.  We researched patterns online and found a few that will work nicely.  I have plenty of scrap fabric for us to make a few practice owls.  Boo loves owls so a few extra will note b an issue.  In fact, maybe I will try to find some fabric to make seasonal owls for her.  It will be fun to make some stuff with her.



Never enough time…

That’s Hunter, my sweet Labrador, taken about three years ago.  I was asking him if he’d been digging and he was acting casual.  Of course, if you look closely he’s got dirt on his nose and on his right paw.  I wasn’t buying his innocent act, at all, but he was too cute to be mad at.  

Hunter had his thirteenth birthday in October.  He was born the same week that Sully and I started dating.  In fact, I gave Sully one of his littermates as my first Christmas gift to him.  So, when we got married we had two crazy Labradors galloping through the back yard.  Playing ball started early, Hunter could barely hold a tennis ball in his mouth and always outlasted the other dogs.  Hunter was always the calmer of the two, and adapted well to hanging out in the house.  We still have a hard time with Foley being in the house.  He gets so excited that he wags his tail until the tip is bleeding.  

The sad part of this story is that we lost Hunter tonight.  He was such a sweet boy.  He was laying in the kitchen while I cooked dinner.  I stopped to give him scratch behind the ears and a kiss on his head and brought dinner into the other room.  When I went back to the kitchen after dinner he was gone.  I am sorry that he was alone but maybe he was just waiting for his goodnight kiss.

Holiday thought…

It’s time to cherish the little moments.  Take the time play ball with the dog or pet the cat.  The laundry or the sweeping, or even work will still be there in five minutes.  Enjoy those little moments because you don’t know how many more might be left.