Falling for it…

Oh my gosh, while I was busy these last few weeks fall has arrived and I am loving this weather.  I am spending the day trying to catch up on my blog posts and doing some writing for NaNo.

The working title for the rewrite is ‘Waterfall’, so far I have written a bit of a synopsis of the general story’s beginning and a little bit into the middle.  Last night I worked on a general outline for the chapters.  Today I started working   on a basic timeline for the story, some books happen over a few days, some a few years, this one is going to be a few weeks.  While I was working on the timeline I realized if I switched the first two events around that it would make more sense.  I’ve tried rewriting the first chapter about fifty times and never really got anywhere with it and this is probably why.  

Three cheers for writing epiphanies!  Yay!  Woohoo!  Hooray!

Ok, enough of that, I am off to write.  🙂

Today, I am grateful for beautiful weather.  I am also grateful for being able to vote.  I dropped off our early ballots yesterday, it was quick and easy.  It’s surprising that more people don’t vote, it’s important to get your voice out there.  

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