Almost Friday…

All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Thursday.  I really knew it was Wednesday but it’s been a long week.  Today felt like Thursday though, so that’s good.

Today was one of those days where I felt very busy but I didn’t get a lot done.  It’s hard to get a ton done though because of my ankle.  I really hurt it Monday, then tweaked it a bit on Tuesday and again this afternoon.  At this point it feels worse than it ever has, before it only hurt when I moved in a certain way.  Now, I get moments when it’s achy for no reason other than my foot isn’t elevated or even just because.  I wear a brace most of the day, taking it off occasionally to let my foot breathe while elevating it.  At night I wear a neoprene wrap that keeps me from moving around too much.  Last week I woke up in pain several times as I moved my foot in apparently bad positions.   The wrap is perfect for sleeping, it isn’t too tight as to cut off circulation like a normal brace might overnight.  But it’s not so loose that it still keeps me from hurting the ankle while asleep.  I should probably ice it more but we just have flat ice packs and that’s just not working.  I need to get some frozen peas, those bags are perfect for ankles.

Oh, and my NaNo project is up to 14,000 words.  Yay me!

Today, I am thankful for Sully and Boo.  It’s been a tough week in many ways but I really enjoyed our time together today.  I am also really thankful that I am caught up with laundry.  I am sure it seems an odd thing to be thankful for but it’s taken me weeks to get back on track.

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