I’ll take it…

It’s Friday and as usual Boo and I are heading over to Gramma’s house.  We met Sully for lunch at Lucille’s BBQ, the food was great but it was freezing in there.  Essentially that’s a good thing because it means that the weather has cooled down.   We got a bit of rain early this morning which added a slight, and I mean minuscule, chill to the air.  I was happy about it, Sully not so much.  

He’s okay with cool weather, it’s the rain that’s got him a little buggy.  Apparently rain on the new car is the most awful thing that could have happened, ok, not that bad.  There was a lot of drama this morning though before Sully left for work.  It’s supposed to rain some more over the weekend so I am prepared for more drama but I am expecting his coping skills to kick in by then.  I suppose I should stop teasing Sully.  He’s allowed to be a bit hyper about his new car.

Anyway, after lunch Gramma, Boo and I went back to Gramma’s house and caught up on episodes of Project Runway.  We are all caught up on Season 10 and even know who won now.  Of course, we found out that Project Runway – All Stars started their second season so we are already behind on that one.  Oh well, a couple of Fridays and we will be all set.

This is one of my favorite nature photographs.

Today, I am thankful for my family and for having a day to enjoy them.  I am very thankful for a relaxed day where I didn’t spend most of the day thinking about all of the things that I still needed to do.

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