Not so much…

Today started out well and then declined into a fairly frustrating day.

The morning went well, we had a nice breakfast at a quiet restaurant not too far from home and then did some quick shopping.  I wore my hiking boots and that seemed to be a good choice for my ankle.  Of course, they are a bit heavier than my normal shoes and I was feeling a little tired when we got home.  Nothing was really going on so I sat down and put my foot up.  I had barely sat down when there was an issue that I needed to weigh in on.  No big deal, I got up and we figured it out.  I sat back down and put my foot back up.  Then the dog threw up and then something else happened, at that point I abandoned the idea of putting my foot up.

I moved on to straightening my desk, then I got a phone call, I put it on speaker and kept sorting paperwork.  For the most part that was fine but I had a stack of stuff I needed to shred and couldn’t very well do it while talking on the phone.  I don’t blame the person that called but it was bad timing and I could’ve let the call go to voicemail.  It was just one of those things that didn’t really work for me at the time and combined with the other interruptions I was frustrated and irritable.  

There were periods of peace and quiet that I am thankful for but they were definitely banked by times of interruption.  I know I should be more Zen about it but I think I would need more sleep and possibly some medication for that.

Today, I am thankful for peaceful moments.  And the Mythbusters, we watched a few episodes today.  I’d seen them all before but it was a good thing to watch amid the interruptions. 


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