This particular Sunday…

On this particular Sunday, I had a pretty good day.  I got to see the Broncos game, well, at least most of it.  CBS decided to switch to a more competitive game about a minute into the fourth quarter.  I was a little more than annoyed.  Not only did I really want to see the rest of the game but Peyton Manning had tied one of Dan Marino’s records.  I really wanted to see if he would move on to second place for most TD passes in NFL history with 421.  I kept track of the game through the NFL website and although the Broncos had another touchdown this time the running back scored.  I wish Peyton had been able to make another touchdown but I am also glad that I didn’t miss it.  Next week, the Broncos are playing the Chargers so I am guessing he will make his next touchdown then.  Here’s a great article on Peyton and the record.

I didn’t get a lot done this weekend, although I’ve kept up on my writing for NaNo and just cleared 20,000 words.  I am definitely doing better with the rewrite and realizing a lot of things that didn’t make sense in my rough draft.  Hopefully I am catching most of those things as I go through the chapters.


Today, I was thankful for the kind of lazy day that it was.  I got to watch football, I did some writing.  I got a few things done but I didn’t spend the entire day worried about what needed to be done or what I hadn’t gotten done.




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