Plan B…

Alright, so it’s more than a week after Halloween and I still have Halloween decorations all over the house.  Normally I would have had them packed up and back in the garage no later than the following weekend.  My problem this year is that I don’t have any place to put the costumes.  

I have most of the Halloween decorations in Rubbermaid containers.  They work well and I have an entire container just for the various costumes.  This year’s costumes were a little more involved and the thought of stuffing them into one of these containers was not sitting well with me.   

I kept thinking how nice it would be if I had a garment rack where I could keep all of the costumes.  I don’t have a garment rack but I could probably hang a few costumes in the garage.  It might be an here and there sort of thing but at least they would be hanging.

The only problem with hanging the costumes in the garage, well, one of the problems is that it’s seriously dusty out there.  The costumes would need to be covered to keep them from getting completely dirty.  I checked out the inexpensive garment bags at Walmart, the longer ones for dresses are a little less than $3.00 each.  It’s not a bad price but they only had one in stock.  I didn’t really want to drive around trying to find them at other stores either.   I also didn’t want to spend $15 to $20 on garment bags since I haven’t figured out what the final plan on all of this.

When I got married in 2000, my mom had put all of our Renaissance outfits in these huge plastic bags.  The were actually plastic liners for 55 gallon drum trash cans.  They were perfect for the long dresses that all of the girls were wearing at the wedding.  The were clear and about five feet long, and the plastic was pretty durable.  We looked around in Walmart, they had 55 gallon bags but they were black.  I really try to stay away from storing things in black trash bags.  If I have to store anything in plastic bags I make sure that the bags are clear or white.  It’s a system I use so that the bags don’t accidentally get thrown away.  

After Walmart we decided to check at Home Depot.  They had an industrial sized box available online, I was hoping for a smaller box.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the clear bags  in the store.  We wandered around the store a bit and I decided to look in the paint aisle.  I found some plastic sheeting and decided to make my own bags.  I figured I could use tape on the sides.

Once I got home though I did some online research and decided I could sew the sides of the bags.    I will put up another post with how things work out.



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