Truly Thankful…

In the movie ‘The Sound of Music’, one of my favorites, Maria gives this as the dinner blessing.

For what we receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful. -Amen.

Amen, I say, too.  Truly thankful.  I love that, not just thankful but truly thankful.  I really understand that.  It’s been a tough year and we’ve been through a lot but I feel truly thankful for what we have.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Gramma’s house, she made the turkey and stuffing along with gravy, rolls and the cranberry sauce.  We brought mashed potatoes, green beans and pies (pumpkin, pecan and apple).  We ate early and then had some ‘leftovers’ a bit later when my nephew came over.

It was wonderful being together, great food, great times.

***The Thankful banner was our Thanksgiving craft this year.  I found it at the Centsational Girl blog.  Click here for more on the banner.


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