It’s on…

It’s decorating time.   If it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving then we are decorating the house for Christmas.  **

It started the first year in our new house.  Sully and I had been married for just over a year, Boo was just barely a month old.  We’d held Thanksgiving at our house with seventeen people at our house.  It went fairly well with minor complications, mostly from the new mom and baby.  All in all it was a good time and the next day all of the parents wanted to go shopping for Black Friday.  Sully and I don’t do that so we invited all of the nieces and nephews over for movies and fun.  My parents offered to bring over lunch and when they came over they brought us a Christmas tree that they had bought at Michael’s.  

Sully and I were shocked, it was honestly one of the most thoughtful and sweet gifts my parents had ever gotten me.  We still put up that same tree, branch by branch.  It’s looking a bit sparse and everyday I sweep up little plastic needles.

Here is a picture from 2001, the first year we got it.  Not sure what’s up with the angle.  I was going to crop the picture but that’s my wedding bouquet up on the shelf to the left.  

Ok, here I go off on a tangent… I decided to make my own bouquet because I knew what I wanted it to look like.  I also figured if I was going to spend time and money on something that was so pretty that I wanted it to last and not die.   That sentiment ties in nicely to our Christmas tree too..



Here is a picture from last year.  I would love to have a pre-lit tree that you can set up quickly.This year though, we aren’t quite ready to let go of this tree.  Maybe next year we will get a new tree and put this tree up in the school room.

I am looking forward to an amazing holiday season.  Wishing this for everyone else too.







** We put up an artificial tree because I am really allergic to live trees, my whole family is too.  It takes about five days for respiratory symptoms to start then a couple of days later bronchitis sets in, after that you might as well drive me to the hospital.  Or so my dad always said, after the bronchitis I was usually away from whatever tree was affecting me at school or work.

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