Beer Bonanza…

It’s time once again for a release party with Kevin Hearne.  Click here to check out Kevin’s awesome website.  Tonight we were celebrating the release of his latest book, Trapped.  




Sully and I had a great time at Atticus & Oberon’s Beer Bonanza.  It was at a Mexican restaurant this time.  They have a place on the patio for private parties and an all you can eat taco and enchilada buffet.  The food was fabulous.  The food line was long but we got the chance to talk to Kevin’s mom, she is a hoot.  Best of all, she’s a Broncos fan too!  It was a great conversation and I can see where Kevin gets his sense of humor.






Sully won the raffle and got this awesome framed map of the Nine Realms signed by the artist, Priscilla Spencer and Kevin.

I had gone to the ladies room and when I started back towards the table I noticed that Sully was gone.  I looked up towards the main table and saw Sully coming back with the map.  I wasn’t even surprised, Sully wins everything.  It’s too funny.  I guess we should have played the lottery last week, or at least he should have played the lottery.

When Kevin came by our table he was happy that we had won it and went through the whole map and the proper Norse pronunciations of the realms with Sully.

It was a really great night.  Sully and I haven’t been on a date night in forever.  It’s probably been since Atticus and Oberon’s SausageFest last April.  We should probably do stuff more often like that.

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