Plan 3 from…

Ok, I know that the movie is ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ but I only needed three plans this time.  Maybe I only needed three because they are plans from the garage which is so much closer than outer space.

After Halloween, I talked in annoying detail about the garment bags and a garment rack to hold said bags.  I put together a make shift rack using two six foot ladders.  This rack idea worked great, until I realized that I needed my ladders to decorate the house.  With that in mind I searched the interwebs for an inexpensive garment rack that would be sturdy enough to hold a bunch of Halloween costumes.  Apparently, inexpensive and sturdy don’t go hand in hand.

Then I started looking at ideas to build a garment rack.  I saw a few made out of PVC pipe.  It seemed like a cheap and easy idea.  I drew up a design, made some measurements and then put together a supply list.  I checked some prices online and realized that my design was going to cost about twice as much as I had thought.  My design was kind of complicated already so back to the drawing board for the next plan.

I had originally thought about making the rack out of wood but I hesitated because most of my tools including my saw are inaccessible due to the current makeshift rack.  I thought maybe I could figure out something using 2×2’s, my jigsaw could make any cuts I might need.  Several years ago I built a desk and bookshelf made with 2×2’s so I know they are sturdy.  Since I’ve worked with them before I had some ideas on what I could do.  I got my graph paper out and sketched out a quick design.

So, here is my ultra crude drawing I put together on Paint.  On the left is the side view; two vertical 2×2’s with a 24 inch piece sandwiched in between leaving space at the top for the rod to drop into.   The 24 inch piece will be held in by 2 inch screws in several places which will make it more than strong enough to hold the weight of the costumes on the rod.

On the right is the front view, showing the rod and the feet.  I decided to use two 2×2’s for the feet to help keep the vertical pieces square.  Normally you would cut a few pieces at an angle to brace between the foot and the upright. I can’t get to my miter saw so this will have to do for now.

Garment rack 2x2


My plan is to buy five – 8 foot 2×2’s.  I will have 24 inches cut off of all of them.   I will also have another 24 inches cut off of one of them.  I will end up with …

4 – 6 foot pieces –> the vertical pieces

6 – 24 inch pieces –> 2 for the uprights, 4 for the feet

1 – 48 inch piece –> for the rod across the top

I went to Home Depot this morning, found five straight 2×2’s and had them cut.  Tomorrow I will assemble all of my pieces and I will post here how it turned out.


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