Buon Natale…

That’s Merry Christmas in Italian.  I am saying it today because we went on our annual trip to Romanelli’s Italian deli.    It’s a Christmas tradition to go and pick up some of their delicious food and groceries.  The family owned deli is a little over 4o miles away from us so we usually go just once a year.  Sully’s mom is full Italian and so Christmas dinner is always an Italian extravaganza of food.  Always amazing and always delicious.

In past years we have gone out to lunch at another restaurant that is nearby but this year we decided to pick up sandwiches from deli at Romanelli’s.  It was really hard to decide what sandwich to get.  I ended up getting the same sandwich as Sully and it was delicious.

We picked up meat and cheese from the deli as well as items from their grocery section.  We got fresh bread and dessert, tira misu, napoleons and cannoli in their bakery area.  We took the sandwiches home and they were delicious.  It kind of makes me sad that we won’t be back for another year, the sandwich was that good.

It was a fun day.  We hung out at Gramma’s the rest of the afternoon.  I worked on some of my Christmas crafts while we watched last week’s Saturday Night Live and then Cowboys vs. Aliens, which was really good.



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