So ready…

Yes, the last full week before Christmas.  I am ready to have a good week and a great relaxing holiday.  Sully goes into the office today and tomorrow, he works from home Wednesday and Thursday and then he is off work starting Friday until January 2nd.  Of course, he will be working from home January 2nd and 3rd and doesn’t go back into the office until January 4th.  Yay!  I love having him home.  

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year.  In past years it’s been tough, my dad passed away in December 2007 and since then it’s been hard to get into the spirit.  I think this year I’ve been so determined to make sure it’s a good holiday for Sully and his mom that I’ve reverted back to my usual Christmas crazy person.  My mom used to call me ‘Elfin’ magic’ when I was younger because I was the one that really decorated the house and got everyone together to put up lights on the house and decorate the yard.   It feels good to be excited and looking forward to the holiday that I loved so much growing up.  I’ve had the radio on in several different rooms and the garage playing Christmas music, we have a local station that plays nothing but Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas night.  

Sully’s been doing pretty well and was very excited to shop for everyone.  We do most of our shopping online rather than fighting the crowds, we normally have a good idea of what to get people so we don’t need to browse around.  Every year we try to visit the mall near us, we go out to dinner and then mill around the Christmas decorations and the people shopping.  The mall usually has some fun events like live music or carolers.  Then we come home and have hot chocolate and watch some Christmas specials.

Christmas cocoa


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