Down the line…

I continually amazed at how an incident at point A can cause an effect at point H or even further down the line.  It makes me think about how my actions might be affecting others including people I don’t even know.

This all started because my sister, Lily, was going to stop by today.  She was waiting for her grandson’s father to come pick him up, the mom and dad are not together.  Lily had another stop to make on the way to my house.  She calls me at about thirty minutes before the time that she was supposed to stop by saying that the dad still hadn’t arrived.  Thirty minutes later I get a text that he just called her.  He had just awakened, I was so annoyed on her behalf.  He lives about an hour away, so here my sister had been waiting on him for nearly two hours.  

My sister took her grandson with her to make the other stop she had to make and then returned home to wait for the dad.  She was quite flustered when she got to my house apologizing for being late.  I was fine, I had a few things that I was doing around the house.   I was annoyed though for her sake.  I really thought that was rude.  He apologized and it was accident, I get that.  I possibly would have been less annoyed if he was a more responsible guy all around.  He’s one of those ‘it’s all about me’ type of guys.  But, I am getting off topic here, kind of…

He overslept and didn’t make it to my sister’s house when he said he would.  That caused my sister to be late, which affected her friend who was moving that day and was waiting for Lily to pick up some boxes and furniture.  It affected me, to a lesser extent, but upset Lily because she was making me wait.  I got annoyed because Lily was upset.  After Lily left my house she was heading to the hospital to meet with the social worker regarding her husband’s medical care.  Lily had to reschedule that meeting for a later time, so the social worker was affected and possibly her other appointments as well.

It’s important that we think about what we are doing and how we are doing it.  Nobody is perfect and we all have our bad days.  For some people, though, they’ve made it a habit to not think beyond themselves and what they are doing.  My parents were pretty good about talking to us about consequences of our actions whether they be small or big.  I guess I am ahead of the game there.  In the future, I will definitely be thinking about how what I am doing would affect someone down the line.  

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