Ribbon ladder from Joann’s.

Last weekend, we ran some errands and during a quick run into Joann’s, I found this ribbon ladder.  At it’s normal price of $29.99, I would look at it and think that’s a nice ribbon organizer and move on.  It’s clearanced right now for more than 50% off.  So, I grabbed one of the last ones.

Currently, my ribbon is split up between one of the stacking ribbon boxes (2nd picture) and a larger plastic bin.  It will be nice to have all of the ribbon in one place and I will be able to see the colors that I have before I run up to Joann’s for more.



Stacking Ribbon Box

Stacking Ribbon Box from The Container Store.

I like these stacking ribbon boxes but I only have one.  I originally planned on getting more but changed my mind.  The lid ended up breaking soon after I got it and I didn’t really like the stacking part of it.  I mean it’s cool that it stacks but I am not a fan of having to move a bunch of things to get to something else.   This morning I pulled all of the ribbon out of it to load up my new ribbon ladder.  I kept looking at the box and wondering how I could use it, if there was another purpose for it.



Here is what I came up with…


It was the perfect size for my Behr color fan deck.

I had to do some modifications though first.  Both the bottom and the lid had a permanent divider in the middle.  I used utility scissors and a pair of wire cutters to trim off the pieces from the dividers.  



When I was done I sanded down the area that I had just trimmed.  I lined the bottom with white card stock using glue dots to secure the cardstock to the sides.  




I ran a piece of duct tape along the back to secure the lid to the container.  (I am not sure why I didn’t think of that before when I had ribbon in it but there you go…).

The lid now opens and closes very nicely.  No falling off and no wobbling.


The color fan deck fits in either way, top up or sideways.  I might put a lining inside the lid or cover the lid at some point, but right now I am pretty happy with it.  I wanted something to put the color fan deck in and this was the perfect size.  I am so glad that I took the risk of cutting out the middle dividers.

Phase 1: Day 3…

I took my walk alone today while Boo did her Dance Central workout.  I walked a small loop very close to the house.   I walked more than 11 minutes at a pretty good pace.

My upper body workout went well.  A couple of days off (Sunday and Monday) were really nice.  I am able to do two sets of 15 repetitions, only feeling fatigued during the last few reps of the second set.

Water – ~36 ounces  (I really need to be better about drinking water).

Overall, I am feeling a lot better and I really feel like this is the year that things will be different.


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