I’ve written about the difficulty getting started, expectations, negative thoughts, being honest and making time for important stuff.  I think the most important factor in achieving success is the support I am getting from the people around me.

I honestly feel blessed that I have such a good support system.  Sully and Boo are behind me 100% in everything that I do but they’ve been extra awesome with my plan for the New Year.  Boo has been an inspiration to me, she started exercising on her own at the beginning of November.  She’s been playing Dance Central for Kinect and dances for an hour everyday.  Between the dancing and giving up soft drinks, she has lost nearly ten pounds and she looks even more beautiful than before.

I’ve also have great support from my friends.  Faith, of course, has been a source of support all year.  Now she is a source of inspiration, she’s been on Weight Watchers and has lost nearly 40 pounds.  What’s really amazing is that she had to have back surgery in June.  From January to mid July, she lost weight just by eating a healthy diet.  She was in so much pain before the surgery that walking, standing or sitting for any length of time was impossible.  After the surgery she started walking as part of her rehabilitation and now she walks 3 to 4 miles everyday.  I wish I had started walking with her (remotely, of course, since she’s in CA and I am in AZ), I’d love to be walking that far everyday.  Now, Faith is only ten pounds away from her goal weight and being a life time WW member.  I am so excited for her.

Another friend, Val has been working on her fitness and diet too.  Val has started playing hockey again and every week I hear how much fun she’s had.  Playing hockey burns calories like crazy all that skating around and Val is a fast skater.   As hard as she’s been playing hockey she’s been working on the diet even more.  Val been slowly moving the family to a gluten free diet mainly for her son’s health.   She has also lowered her sodium intake after a high blood pressure scare at the end of the year.  Val has already lost ten pounds just from lowering her sodium intake.  

How can I not be inspired by them?  Faith and I chat daily over Facebook, there’s occasional whining, always listening and a lot of cheering each other on.  It really helps to have that daily conversation about how things are going.  It makes everyday that I keep going an accomplishment, one more thing to cross off of the list.  Val and I message over  Facebook, bragging about our accomplishments or whining about our lack of motivation.  It’s a great thing and I am so thankful.

I guess I should go take my walk so I can let Faith and Val know how far I walked today.


Phase 1:  Day 5

It was a great walk.  12 minutes and 0.68 miles at my fastest pace yet.  It’s not a long walk but I am still trying to get used to setting aside time for exercise.  This is big.

My upper body workout really makes my shoulders sore.  At least I am able to finish each set strong.  Next phase, I will have to think about adding reps or sets.

Water = 52 ounces



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