I spent today packing up Christmas decorations and watching football.  Overall, the day was somewhat disappointing.  I am still not done with the decorations and the Broncos lost in overtime to the Ravens.

In all honesty, the Christmas decorations are mostly packed.  I have a lot of crates that are ready to be moved into the garage.  It was dark by the time the game was over.  I will move them first thing in the morning.  After that I have to pack up the inside decorations and the large items that get packed in the big zippered bags.

The zippered bags are awesome.  I have three of these large square bags.  I use these to pack small Christmas trees, baskets, garlands, and other decorations that are too big or oddly shaped to go in the crates.



This cube is super cool too and it is amazingly roomy.  In the cube, I can fit a large basket filled with a floral arrangement, a window decoration, plastic placemats, a hanging card holder, two large grapevine wreaths, a medium straw wreath,  and two small straw wreaths.
I need to get another storage cube, I love how much I can get into it.
As for the Broncos, I am really bummed.  It was a great season and Peyton Manning deserved to get farther into the playoffs.  I keep trying to look at the silver lining, Peyton didn’t play at all last year and for him to get his team this far into the playoffs is amazing. I guess at this point all I can do is hope for a better season next year.  Positive thoughts, right?!
I feel that I should add that although I titled this post “Coping” I am being somewhat sarcastic.  I am fully aware that dealing holiday decorations and losing a football games aren’t life disasters.  After everything that happened in 2012, I am thankful for what I have and I feel truly blessed.  I was just bummed and wanted to whine.  That is all.  🙂
Phase 1:  Day 7…
So between packing boxes and yelling at the TV I forgot to walk. I was already pretty bummed and realizing that I didn’t take my walk didn’t help my mood at all.  I suppose walking six days out of seven is a great improvement to zero days out of seven.
Upper body workout –  this was also completely forgotten.  Luckily I can do these on Sunday.  I don’t plan anything but more intense stretching so that it can be an overflow day.  I can catch up on any strength workouts to finish the week off.
Water = 48 ounces

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