So, my first three weeks of my 51 week project ended yesterday.  I am really happy with how things went.  I walked 16 days out of 21 and two of those I substituted a stepping workout.  My plan was to walk 6 days out of 7, so the 16 plus the stepping workouts makes it all even out.  My strength workouts were also planned for 6 days a week.  I had successful results with those too, I didn’t miss a day.

Happy side effects are that I am drinking more water and my clothes are fitting better. Looking forward to adding on to my good habits in the next 3 weeks.

Phase 2 is all about me taking care of me.  It’s flu season and I need to make sure I am getting enough rest.  I am hoping that if I can get a routine going for mornings and nighttime that I will feel more rested and less tired throughout the day.

I will be continuing with the daily walking maybe going for 0.70 miles a day instead of time.  I will work on adding more distance each week.  My strength workouts are looking good too.  New exercises will be added each week for upper body and lower body.  I will throw in abs starting tomorrow.

Phase 2


Phase 2:  Day 1
I had a good walk.  it was a bit shorter than normal because it started to rain about half way through.  I was planning on backtracking on the last little bit.  When I got back to the house I decided to cut it short.  I was getting cold.
I got some good stretching done.  The backs of my legs have been very tight.  Hopefully, I will be able to loosen them up.
My morning routine went well and I left myself a note about tonight’s routine.


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