Ugh, this has been a week.  I have definitely had worse weeks, and of course better weeks too.   The problem with this week is that there has been so many distractions and so much stress that my schedule and plans have been completely derailed.  


I haven’t walked all week.  My plans for getting stuff done in the house were pushed aside which is putting me way behind in so many ways.  I am at the point where I need to get one thing done in order to do another thing and both of those things are connected to fifty other things that needed to be done about a month ago.

Luckily today, Boo and I are hanging out with Gramma.  I’ve got a notebook with me and I am making a new plan that will hopefully help me get back on track.  If I think about all of the things that need to be done I get overwhelmed and then I start thinking about all of the time that I’ve lost dealing with stressful situations.  I’ve always known that this train of thought wasn’t particularly helpful.  It’s only recently though that I’ve realized how focusing on what I didn’t get done or other negative thoughts can be somewhat damaging.

I’ve developed a bad habit, every time I finish a task instead of being happy and feeling like I’ve accomplished something I feel like it’s not enough.  My inner voice is saying, ‘Great, you painted two small walls blue, yay you.  What about the laundry?  Did you finish that?  What about the floors?  They need to be dustmopped and mopped.  Have you seen the garage?  Or the third bedroom?’    I hate it, because I finish something and I have about a half a minute of , ‘hey look at that!’ before I hear myself sigh.  I’ve already moved on to thinking about everything that has not gotten done.   I just realized while writing this that by doing this that I’ve essentially been derailing myself.  How can I possibly move forward when all I see in front of me is an ever expanding pile of things that need to be cleaned, fixed or moved?  Ugh, I’ll have to work on this and get back to you.

Phase 2:  Day 6

I didn’t take my walk today but I wandered through Staples and made a good trek in and around Home Depot.

My lower body workout went well.  I found a really good video tutorial on the progression of the single leg deadlift.  On the blog of Coach Kevin Carr, he has several pictures and videos to help with correction and progress from beginner to advanced.  I found it very helpful and I am already seeing a difference in my balance and extension.

My morning and night routines are going better than I expected, especially with how messed up everything else has been.  It’s definitely one of the few things I can control.  Yay me, for sticking to the plan!

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