I don’t know if I am getting sick or if I am just tired from a long week.  Overall though, I feel tired, and not just tired but weary.  I told Sully that I felt like I could sleep for a day and still not feel rested.  I think what I am feeling is overwhelmed and a little bummed out.

I did all of that work over the weekend and the laundry area still isn’t done.  I needed more baskets or bins to put stuff in.  I found some that I think will work well but couldn’t find any in the stores here.  I found a good price at the Jo-ann website.  I ordered two baskets but it will probably be another week or two until they get here.   This week I was supposed to fix the gouges in the wall and touch up the paint.  There was other stuff I was doing and it never got done.  I am really annoyed and frustrated about that.  

sleeping lion

Honestly, I am annoyed and frustrated about a lot of things.  I had a lot of things planned for this week and almost none of it got done.  The house is a mess, not dirty just cluttered and the floors need to be swept.  I had planned on getting the house straightened up this week so that next week I could maybe start on spring cleaning.  My original plan was to start the spring cleaning this week, but I figured next week I could do some extra work and get the Master bathroom and Master bedroom done in the same week.  Now, I will be another week behind.  I am going to make a list of what needs to be done.  If I get to work on straightening the house this weekend and maybe I can get a jump on things for next week.  

I am going to try to start walking again tomorrow afternoon and hopefully I can start getting some of my energy back.   First thing in the morning I am going to get started working on that list.  I think if I break down what I need to do it might feel more manageable.  Feeling overwhelmed is not exactly conducive to getting things done.

It’s late now and I am more than ready to go get some rest.  Tomorrow is a fresh start, a great opportunity to get some extra stuff done.

Phase 2: Day 12
It’s been a tough week.  I haven’t walked yet.  I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow.
I’ve been good about keeping up with my strength exercises.  I am up to 3 sets of 12 repetitions.  Woohoo!
My morning and night routines are going really well.  I am doing better about getting to bed at a reasonable time, with Boo and Sully sick though I’ve been up and down most nights.

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