This post is a bit rambly but the last couple of days have been like that, hence the wandering.

We spent most of the day at Gramma’s house cleaning out her garage.  For the last two or three years it’s been where we’ve shoved things that didn’t have a place.   It was a lot of carrying things inside and asking, “Keep?  Donate?  Trash?”  We filled up the back of my van with donations which we dropped off in the afternoon.  We filled three large plastic bags with trash.  We organized the tools and other items that were staying in the garage so that we left it rather straightened.  Oh, and yeah, we came home with a carload of stuff.  Most of it was broken down boxes for the recycling can, Gramma’s is stuck in the garage behind a broken garage door.  She couldn’t have the door repaired until we cleaned out the garage.  

In between sorting we ate lunch and then dinner after we were finished and watched more episodes of ‘Modern Family’.  We finished the second season, seriously a funny show.  I really thought when we started watching the show that I would have issues with Ed O’Neill’s character, Jay.  Forty or so episodes later I am pleasantly surprised, Jay isn’t the cuddliest character ever but I kind of understand him and I’ve certainly met enough men like him.

The best part of the day was after we got home.  Last week we got the entire set of James Bond films for a ridiculous price.  We decided that every Saturday for the next 23 weeks will be James Bond night.  Week 1 of James Bond Saturday?  Dr. No.  

Oh yeah!



Phase 2: Day 21

Today is the last day of my second three week section.* For the most part, it went well, my focus was on my morning and night routines.  I stuck with it pretty well, on any random day something would be forgotten but it was a major improvement to the week before I started.  My plan included me continuing with the daily walking and strength exercises that I started in the first 3 week section.   I kept up with my strength exercises, I took two days off when I was doing some construction type of work in my laundry room but was otherwise on track.  Walking, on the other hand, was a major fail.  It started out the first day, that I just forgot and then it just snowballed from there.  I am not beating myself up about it though.  Boo and Sully were sick many of those days and then I wasn’t feeling 100% on others.  I drank a bit more Dr Pepper than I wanted to but that just means I have to do better from here.

*  I refer to it as Phase 2 when I label the section but it sounds absurd in a sentence, like some evil plan in a James Bond spoof.  I have been thinking this for weeks but only just decided to add it today.  The mention of James Bond Saturdays is just an ironic twist.  🙂

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