Week 3…

It’s Week 3 of James Bond Saturdays – Goldfinger

Bond 3

This time we find our super secret agent in the United States, Florida in the beginning and Kentucky at the end, with a stopover in Switzerland  in the middle.   Here are my film highlights, first kicking off the movie, the theme song, ‘Goldfinger’ sung by Shirley Bassey.   It’s an amazing song and we just saw Shirley Bassey on the Academy Awards earlier this year and she can still sing the hell out of this song,  incredible.    I think the most well known scene from the movie is the golden girl, Jill Masterson played by Shirley Eaton. (And contrary to popular belief, Eaton is still alive and was not killed while filming the scene that killed her character.) Then we have our favorite henchman, Oddjob and his lethal headgear.  Of course, I can’t get away without mentioning the movie’s Bond girl with the risque name, Pussy Galore.  It’s so over the top that it’s just funny.

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