A cat in my house…

I often say that if reincarnation is the way things really go then I want to come back as a cat in my house.  While I realize that doesn’t make a lot of sense then I will say that I would want to come back as a cat in a similar house.  I mean, come on, it’s a pretty good gig.  There are numerous places to snooze, soft and snuggly places, little spaces to curl up in, the super cool feeling of lounging in the bathroom sink, stretched out in the sun by the window or laid out under the ceiling fan.  Of course, don’t forget boxes and baskets, especially the ones that aren’t quite big enough but somehow become a sort of  perfect fit.  In this house, if you fall asleep in the wrong spot you get lifted up and moved to another equally comfy location and often are scratched and snuggled for the trouble.  Oh, and don’t forget the food, endless amounts of crunchy, tasty kibbles all day long and then awesome, meaty yums at dinnertime.  Hopefully, I will be more dignified and not hang off of the counter fronts while the yums are being dished up but you never can tell.

I have parented many cats over the years and I loved every one of them.  They all had their own personalities, likes and dislikes and every last one of them were rescues.  A lot of them found me and I was happy to be found.  This is for all of them and the few that I fostered over the years and helped find forever families to love them.


Kit Kat – Halloween 2010









Baby Kitty



Jericho – July 2009






Sammy – July 2008


Baby Kitty


Scotty and Pippa – November 2011


Pippa and Scotty – November 2011





Pippa and Scotty 0323

Scotty and Pippa – March 2012

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2 thoughts on “A cat in my house…

  1. I have often said the same thing – I want to come back as a cat who lives with someone like me! Someone who loves them, cares for them, feeds them and basically caters to their every whim. But there are so many homeless kitties out there who need someone to love them. I hope someone reads your post and thinks about adopting a kitty (or two)!

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