Respecting the process…

Ok, so Wednesdays from now on are going to be about writing.  Hopefully I will have some updates on my own progress but today I will post some advice from one of my favorite authors.  Kevin Hearne writes The Iron Druid Chronicles, an urban fantasy series set here in Arizona.  I found out about Kevin from a friend that has known him for years, they met through teacher type activities while teaching at two valley high schools.  After Kevin signed on with Del Rey he was able to quit his teaching job and writing is now his day job.  Check out his website to get his whole story and to check out his awesome books.

Writing Encouragement No. 1

Hearne Hounded

Some thoughts on word counts and respecting your own process

Kevin posted a bit of conversation that started on Twitter and added some of his own thoughts to this entry on Storify.  Kevin encourages everyone to do what works for them individually.  He points out that there is ‘no One True Way’.  The important thing  is to do what works for you so that you can finish the story.  If it’s finished then everyone can read it.  Wise words from someone who has been there.

Click here to get the full post on

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