Do what works…


Today we will find a second installment of writing conversation from Kevin Hearne on the subject of linear vs. non linear writing.  Kevin shares some of his experience with this issue, a few of Kevin’s writer friends also chime in.

Writing Encouragement No. 2

In writing, the shortest distance to the end is not always a straight line.

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Here are my unpublished and inexperienced two cents…

I’ve finished two of my NaNo novels.  The first one I wrote skipping around and sort of stitching things together.  The second one I wrote in a more linear way and I am finding the rewrites on this on to be much more difficult than the first.  I think the problem may lie with each scene and chapter being so connected to the next.  There isn’t enough of a separation to allow me to wedge my red pen and delete button.  I think it will take me some time to really get a handle on this story and get it rewritten the way it needs to be.

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