Slogging through…

It’s Tuesday, I am a day late with my post on writing…

It’s another Twitter conversation about the writing process from Kevin Hearne.  In this installment Kevin and friends discuss doubt and how to get through, over and beyond it.

If you missed my blog posts on Kevin’s other conversations here is Respecting the Process… (Writing Encouragement No. 1) and Do What Works…  (Writing Encouragement No. 2).

Writing Encouragement No. 3

Dealing with your doubt

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And again, here are my unpublished and inexperienced two cents…

Honestly, I have no advice to add to this.  Of course, I understand it all and I know you have to slog through it all to get the book done.  It’s just that  I struggle with doubt so much that I’ve developed a rather healthy case of procrastination that keeps me from writing, so I don’t have to worry about the doubt.  Instead, I get to worry about not writing, and about never finishing  which is then followed by a good dose of self criticism over my inability to get my butt in front of my computer.  So, like the writer’s in Kevin’s conversation, I am a weird jumble of neuroses most of the time.  

I think I am just about ready to jump back into the quicksand of rewriting my work in progress.  It’s time to set up a schedule and just get it done.  Onward and upward, right?

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