Summer viewing

It’s summer and as I’ve mentioned before it gets pretty hot in Arizona. We actually had a Heat Advisory Warning that started last Thursday and expires today. In an attempt to avoid the stifling heat I have been working on different projects, some sorting, sewing and some other miscellaneous craft projects. While I worked on the projects I wanted to have something I could watch. I was looking for something good but not too riveting.

I was flipping through Netflix and after some deliberation picked a show I watched sporadically during it’s first run. Murder, She Wrote.

I amMSW4 so glad that I did. I am totally hooked on this show. I mean, it’s Angela Lansbury, she is amazing and so very charming. The writing is really good and the show holds up really well. There aren’t any cell phones and computers have been featured or mentioned maybe three times, at least so far, I’m about halfway through the third season.

I think my favorite part of watching the old episodes is seeing so many great guest stars. A lot of the guest stars were stars of their own shows many years before like, Chuck Connors from The Rifleman, Forrest Tucker from F Troop, Noah Beery from The Rockford Files, John Astin from The Addams Family, and nearly the entire cast of WKRP in Cincinnati (except Loni Anderson and Tim Reid). Not to mention recurring characters like those played by Tom Bosley, Jerry Orbach, William Windom, Julie Adams and Ron Masak.


I’ve now gotten the entire family hooked on watching. We just watched a cross over between Magnum P.I. and Murder, She Wrote (MSW). The first part was the Magnum P.I. episode “Novel Connection” and the second part on the Murder, She Wrote episode “Magnum on Ice”. It was great seeing the crossover and we’ve already talked about watching Magnum P.I. once we’re done with MSW.


I’m adding this last image because it made my daughter laugh, well, me too.


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