About me…

Ugh, I hate writing these things about myself.  It’s a pain to write a paragraph of  “I do this, I do that”.  Trying to find stuff that is interesting and at the same time not sound like I think I am the most wonderful person to walk the earth.  I am not that fascinating but here goes.

I live in Arizona and have an awesome family, I am happily married to a wonderful man who happens to be my best friend.   My days are spent as a stay at home mom of one beautiful daughter.  I’ve decided to call them Sully and Boo here.  It’s fitting, the one perfect Halloween costume that never happened.  I swear I spent hours online trying to find those costumes, clearly I had no luck.  Anyhow, I am blessed that Sully gets to work from home most of the week, only going to the office twice a week.  I homeschool Boo which has been wonderful.  My days are spent teaching, taking care of the house along with a gazillion animals.   My nights are spent working on lesson plans and upcoming projects.  In my free time, I write which means I stay up writing into the wee hours, only to be up again fairly early in the morning.

I have participated in National Novel Writing Month since 2009 and I have finished victoriously each time.  My proof copies are very pretty, somehow I haven’t gotten around to rewriting and editing.  I am forcing myself to go back to the first book and getting it done, I mean really done.


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