Today is the start of my third 3 week section of my 51 week project. Phase 2 (I still think James Bond…) went well with the exception of walking.  I am focusing on the positive and moving on to the next section.  I am continuing/picking back up on the walks and strength training from Phase 1 and the routines and hopefully more sleep from Phase 2.

During Phase 3 I will be focusing on drinking more water and eating a healthier diet.  I think tracking my food daily will be really helpful and keep me focused on eating the right foods.  I seriously need to eat more fruit and vegetables.  We were doing really well before everyone got sick but then we kind of fell away from that.  I guess steamed veggies don’t sound so good when you are sick.  Not really surprised.  I am going update weekly on Sundays instead of a daily countdown of everything.  It gets boring for me to post so I can only imagine how boring it is to read.

Phase 3

Phase 3:  Day 1


**And yes, I made this funky looking butterfly on Paint.



This post is a bit rambly but the last couple of days have been like that, hence the wandering.

We spent most of the day at Gramma’s house cleaning out her garage.  For the last two or three years it’s been where we’ve shoved things that didn’t have a place.   It was a lot of carrying things inside and asking, “Keep?  Donate?  Trash?”  We filled up the back of my van with donations which we dropped off in the afternoon.  We filled three large plastic bags with trash.  We organized the tools and other items that were staying in the garage so that we left it rather straightened.  Oh, and yeah, we came home with a carload of stuff.  Most of it was broken down boxes for the recycling can, Gramma’s is stuck in the garage behind a broken garage door.  She couldn’t have the door repaired until we cleaned out the garage.  

In between sorting we ate lunch and then dinner after we were finished and watched more episodes of ‘Modern Family’.  We finished the second season, seriously a funny show.  I really thought when we started watching the show that I would have issues with Ed O’Neill’s character, Jay.  Forty or so episodes later I am pleasantly surprised, Jay isn’t the cuddliest character ever but I kind of understand him and I’ve certainly met enough men like him.

The best part of the day was after we got home.  Last week we got the entire set of James Bond films for a ridiculous price.  We decided that every Saturday for the next 23 weeks will be James Bond night.  Week 1 of James Bond Saturday?  Dr. No.  

Oh yeah!



Phase 2: Day 21

Today is the last day of my second three week section.* For the most part, it went well, my focus was on my morning and night routines.  I stuck with it pretty well, on any random day something would be forgotten but it was a major improvement to the week before I started.  My plan included me continuing with the daily walking and strength exercises that I started in the first 3 week section.   I kept up with my strength exercises, I took two days off when I was doing some construction type of work in my laundry room but was otherwise on track.  Walking, on the other hand, was a major fail.  It started out the first day, that I just forgot and then it just snowballed from there.  I am not beating myself up about it though.  Boo and Sully were sick many of those days and then I wasn’t feeling 100% on others.  I drank a bit more Dr Pepper than I wanted to but that just means I have to do better from here.

*  I refer to it as Phase 2 when I label the section but it sounds absurd in a sentence, like some evil plan in a James Bond spoof.  I have been thinking this for weeks but only just decided to add it today.  The mention of James Bond Saturdays is just an ironic twist.  🙂



Sometimes the best solution is the simplest.  

I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to find bins with straight vertical sides to go up on the top shelf of my laundry area.*  I hung a curtain but the bins on the top shelf stick out beyond the shelf.  This causes the curtain to stick out in front of the shelves.  It looks weird and it casts an odd shadow on the counter below.   I’ve looked online.  I’ve visited stores.  I’ve gone back to looking online but this time looking for instructions on how to make my own bins.  

Finally, tonight I had a stroke of genius.  I remembered that the wire cube shelves are straight.  We have the wire grids all over the house. We have some in the pantry, Boo’s closet, the bunny condo in the great room and storage in the garage.  After some online chatting with Faith, I had it all figured out.  


In this photo you can see the zip tie used to secure the two grids together.  I used wire clips to attach the grids to the shelf.  I tipped the grids against the back wall while I hammered in the clips.  Luckily, I had both the zip ties and the wire clips in the garage already.






After the clips were hammered into the shelves, I pulled the grids up straight and marked the wall.  I used a wall anchor and a screw to attach the wire grid to the wall.   I put some bags behind the grid and it was amazingly stable.  I thought I might need some ‘L’ brackets but the wire clips and the wall anchor worked really well.  

I repeated the process on the other side.   Once all of the grids were secured to the shelf and walls,  I began to unload the contents of the bins back onto the shelf.  I left the middle open for better access.   

The grids work great.  I’ve got purses and accessories on the left and backpacks and miscellaneous  bags on the right.  There’s enough room in the middle to stash something else.  I haven’t decided what yet though.  Now, I can work on the curtains, hopefully I will get a chance to work on them this weekend.


IMG_1618 - Copy


I should have taken the photos before I loaded the shelves but I wasn’t completely sure it was going to work until I’d gotten some bags loaded into it.  Honestly, after I’d gotten stuff up there, pictures for the blog wasn’t enough motivation to unload it all again.  🙂

*I call it the laundry area because I am not sure what to call it.   You can’t walk into it, so not the ‘laundry room’.  It has no doors so ‘laundry closet’ doesn’t work either.  Ugh…laundry area.

Phase 2:  Day 20

Not really much to report, I didn’t walk and I didn’t do my lower body exercises because I knew I would be up and down the ladder a bunch while working on the shelves in the laundry area.

The morning and nighttime routine is still going great.

Believe me I realize these daily updates are seriously boring but they keep me honest.



Ok, I am starting the third week of the second three week session.  The first two weeks have been interesting, I’ve done great with my strength exercises and my morning and nighttime routines.  I have not been great with my walking or drinking water, walking has actually been a bit of a fail.  There’s been a lot going on but this week I am going to get back to it.

Today there was a fundraiser for my brother in law.  There was a big turnout and I finally got to see a friend that I haven’t seen in about 15 years.  We keep track on Facebook but it was really good to see her in person.  I checked on Sully and Boo when I got home.  Both of them are feeling better but not quite 100% yet.  I ran back out to pick up dinner and by the time I got home I started feeling not so good.  After dinner I took my allergy medication and curled up with a blanket.  I took a short nap and felt much better.

I am sure I am fighting something off, either Boo’s cold or something else that is floating around.  Hopefully, I can get some sleep and recharge my system.


Phase 2:  Day 15
No walk today, but I really wasn’t feeling well.
I did my upper body strength exercises in short spurts when I was feeling a little better in the evening.
My morning and nighttime routines are going much better than I thought they would be.



Today, I am trying to get back to a point of peace and calm.  I am thankful after this week, I’ve felt so weary.  At least now I have a better understanding of my physical reaction to the last couple of years.   I ran some errands this morning and then spent the rest of the day relaxing.  While I was hanging out I got a few things done.  I matted, framed and hung up an art print that I’ve had for about a year.  Later, I cleared off my nightstand and part of my desk.

For the most part though, I rested and let my brain work through things.  After a while, I could feel myself relax and slowly let things go.  I was able untangle some of the chaos in my head.  Getting rid of the stress was a lot easier once I was able to separate all of the jumbled up emotions.  I am finally realizing that hanging on to emotions that aren’t my own will not help anyone.  I can’t help anyone else if I am overwhelmed and exhausted.  I’ve got my own emotions to deal with which is hard enough, without the added weight of stress and worry that is not my own.

Now I need to take the time to let everything level out.  I can usually work this stuff out by keeping myself busy doing mundane tasks.  I find that while I wash dishes, fold laundry or other similar tasks my mind can wander along and unravel the mess in my head.  I did well today resting and doing the little bit of straightening.  I think I did some of the brain work last night while I was reading up on highly sensitive people.  I will have to do more research to see how I can more effectively process all of the incoming information without sacrificing my emotional or physical health.

Week 3 starts tomorrow, I am really hoping to get back to my daily walks.  I enjoy the walks more than just the exercise, they are good for my brain too.  Ten minutes of quiet time for me and my mind.  Here’s hoping Week 3 is great. 


Phase 2: Day 14
I rested so no walk.  I mean, I planned on walking but resting was apparently more important.
I am doing really well with my strength exercises.  Well, I am doing really well in the sense that I am doing them everyday, half the time though I don’t remember to do them until it’s nearly midnight.  Perhaps in the next 3 week section I will set a time to workout, an earlier time would probably be a good thing.
My morning and night routines are going great.  I don’t know if I am necessarily getting more sleep with everyone else being sick and all of the phone calls.  I am trying though.


I’ve felt frazzled all week and to be honest the week wasn’t that bad.  Boo was getting over her cold and Sully ended up with an ear infection.  I am not thrilled about either of them being sick but it’s not the end of the world either.  Those two things along with the several other annoying things that happened this week really should not have bummed me out as much as I have been this week.

Today, I was in the car with my sister and I felt like I was about to come out of my skin.  After a few moments I looked at her and said, “Are you extremely stressed out?”  She said yes, and that she’s so upset about everything going on with her husband.  I told her that she needed to let it go because I felt like I was coming apart.  “I don’t know if I want to cry, puke or slap someone,” I told her, leaving out the part where I really wanted to slap her.   It would have been completely uncalled for but I still think it would have made me feel better.

This sensitivity thing, where I pick up on other people’s feelings, is not a new thing.  I’ve done it since I was a kid, I didn’t really understand it then, not that I really understand it now.  It was kind of freaky when I was a kid and I tried to ignore it as much as possible.  As I got older I’ve found it more and more difficult to ignore.  It seems like the days that I ignore it end up being like today where I end up extremely agitated and emotional.

When I was in college I remember talking to my dad about it.  I had just come back from visiting a friend from out of state and I was telling him how I had discovered that I didn’t really like to fly.  In our conversation, I started picking apart what I meant.  It wasn’t a fear of flying or of heights, or the length of the flight.  It wasn’t being stuck in our seats or the tiny restroom.  There weren’t any obnoxious people sitting around me or a crying baby on the flight.   I finally got around to talking about the plane being full and the constant buzzing.  After talking a bit more I realized the buzzing sound wasn’t the plane or people talking but it was all of the emotions of the people on the plane.  Right away he says, “You’re like a big satellite.  You collect all of these emotions that people are sending out.”  He said that he’d seen me doing that since I was a kid.  It was nice to hear, I kind of thought I was a bit nutty.

This all probably does sound a bit nutty.  I am not saying I am psychic or that I have secret powers.  I am not Jean Grey, I can’t read your mind or move objects with mine.   I’d love to move objects with my mind, if I could.  I mean honestly I think that would be the most awesome power.  I have no desire to read your mind though, you can keep your pervy thoughts to yourself, thank you very much.

Kimcanyn (2)

Also, I just discovered that this is a thing that other people experience, it’s normal not a disorder.  I am a highly sensitive person, which anyone that knows me and has seen me cry at commercials or some other random thing already knows.  When I was a kid I was told I was ‘too’ sensitive, that I needed to toughen up.  I did toughen up and I am still highly sensitive.  I am ok with that.

Check out Dr. Elaine Aron’s website to get more information on being highly sensitive.  If you are wondering if you might be highly sensitive there is a self-test here.   You can also check out the November 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, for a small article and a great version of the test.  This test gathers your answers to give you a result along with some helpful information.



Phase 2:  Day 13
I still haven’t walked.  I need to get back to it soon, hopefully this weekend.
I’ve been keeping up with my strength exercises.   My upper body workout is going really well, I am now doing three sets of 12 repetitions.  I added tricep dips this week.
My morning and night routines are actually going really well.


Sully’s ear is worse.  He woke up in the night with it really hurting, I called for an appointment as soon as the doctor’s office opened.  His appointment was for 2:30pm, we arrived early to fill out new patient forms since our doctor has recently changed offices.  We waited over half an hour past the appointment time in the waiting room and nearly 45 minutes in the exam room.  We saw the doctor for about 15 minutes and then we were on our way.  Luckily our doctor is awesome or I would be seriously annoyed.

I saved annoyed for the pharmacy.  I was told it would be about 30 minutes and that I would get a text on my phone.  Boo and I wandered the store and after an hour I finally went back to the pharmacy.  The prescriptions were filled but the assistant hadn’t entered them into the computer so that I would get the text.  So, I left the house at 1:45, dropped Sully off back at home, then on to the pharmacy and finally home at about 6:00.



Totally not the day I was planning on, but I am so glad that Sully will be feeling better soon.  The doctor put a wick type of thing in his ear because his ear is so swollen.  She prescribed antibiotic ear drops that also have a numbing agent in them, the wick allows the drops to get down to where the infection is otherwise the drops would just sit on the outside.  Of course, with the wick in his ear Sully can’t hear a dang thing and he’s talking really quietly.  Most of the day has been a chorus of ‘what?’, “huh?”, “are you talking to me?”, “did you hear what he said?” and my favorite the complete misunderstanding because we heard something completely different.  It’s been interesting.


Phase 2:  Day 10

Since I wasn’t home most of the day there was no walk.  Although I did wander around Walmart waiting for the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions.

I added another exercise to my lower body workout.

My routines are going well.