A Fun Fourth…

Flag heart… for us and our pets.

As many of us make plans for our family for the 4th of July.  It’s important that we remember our furry family members as well.  Holiday festivities like backyard parties and fireworks can overwhelm and frighten pets.   There are some easy steps that can be taken to assure that everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

To those of us that own pets already, most of this is common sense sort of stuff.  It’s good to remind people that don’t have pets or that are just starting out with pets the simple precautions we can take to keep everyone safe.

Holiday Prep

1.  Check to make sure your pet’s tags are up to date and fastened securely to their collar.  Check collar for proper fit while you are there.

2.  Take a new pic of your pet.  

3.  Before the parties start play with your pet to tire them out.  The expended energy will help to calm them and a cat nap is always good.

Party Time

1. Space – Having a house full of people can cause stress for some cats and dogs.  If you have a pet that gets overwhelmed by strangers it’s a good idea to let them have their own space.  Post a sign on the door so your guests know that the door is closed to keep your pet safe and sound.  

2.  Food – Keep pet treats on hand for your guests to offer your pets instead of ‘people’ food.

3.  Grill –   Accidents can happen easily, make sure to play with pets away from the grill.  


1.  Keep your pets inside during fireworks.  The loud noises and flashes of light scare most animals.  They don’t understand what is happening and can hurt themselves trying to get away.

*** More pets get lost on July 4th than on any other day of the year.***

2.  If your pet is very sensitive to the noise from the fireworks you can leave the television on or play music to help cover the sounds from outside.

3.  If you are driving the night of July 4th keep an eye our for our furry friends.  Pets and wildlife alike will be frightened by the fireworks and may dart onto streets and roads trying to flee.


Arizona Flag Heart

I live in Arizona and last weekend the high temperature averaged out to be 118 degrees.  We spent the weekend either inside or in the pool.  Our dog spent the weekend the same way.  In fact, most of the time that we were in the pool he was inside snoozing on the cool tile floor.

We keep a close on eye on our pets and the temperature, even with his doggie pool I make sure he is inside during the hottest parts of the day.  All animals can get overheated, this can lead to heat exhaustion and more seriously heatstroke, which can be fatal without proper medical care.


Arizona is also home to monsoon storms in the summer.  Powerful dust storms blow through the valley often followed by thunderstorms.   Ideally all pets should be inside during these storms.  This isn’t always possible, as the storms often develop quickly and sometimes in late afternoon.  Pets should be given adequate shelter to avoid the dust and any flying debris.  This should also protect your pet during any subsequent rainstorms, the sounds and sudden flashing from thunder and lightning can cause the same anxiety as fireworks.  Once our dog is inside he is fine, we have one cat that gets a little skitterish with thunder but the other cats, the rabbits and the hamster don’t seem to notice at all.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July!!!


Week 13…

Week 13 of James Bond Saturdays – Octopussy


This time Bond takes us to India and then Germany.  I enjoyed it because it was Bond, there are Soviets, a circus and a whole gaggle of female circus performers that kick some serious ass at the end of the movie.  Roger Moore’s age is becoming noticeable but not so much that it affects the movie.


Week 5…

It’s Week 5 of James Bond Saturdays – You Only Live Twice

Bond 5


‘You Only Live Twice’ is classic Bond.  It takes place almost entirely in Japan with a few of the normal scenes in England and some in space.   I think the most memorable scenes involve the Japanese Secret Service ninjas invading the cave lair of SPECTRE bad guy Ernst Stavro Blofeld.   Of course, Blofeld himself is iconic in his nehru jacket, eye scar and long haired white cat.  Also, famously spoofed as Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies.


Week 4…

It’s Week 4 of James Bond Saturdays – Thunderball

Bond 4


This time the theme was sung by Tom Jones over a scene of the usual female silhouettes swimming under water.  Most of the film takes place in the Bahamas with a lot of underwater scenes including the memorable shark scenes with Bond and the great battle at the end.    Our main bad guy, is SPECTRE number two, Emilio Largo and his mistress, Domino, who also happens to be our Bond girl.


Week 3…

It’s Week 3 of James Bond Saturdays – Goldfinger

Bond 3

This time we find our super secret agent in the United States, Florida in the beginning and Kentucky at the end, with a stopover in Switzerland  in the middle.   Here are my film highlights, first kicking off the movie, the theme song, ‘Goldfinger’ sung by Shirley Bassey.   It’s an amazing song and we just saw Shirley Bassey on the Academy Awards earlier this year and she can still sing the hell out of this song,  incredible.    I think the most well known scene from the movie is the golden girl, Jill Masterson played by Shirley Eaton. (And contrary to popular belief, Eaton is still alive and was not killed while filming the scene that killed her character.) Then we have our favorite henchman, Oddjob and his lethal headgear.  Of course, I can’t get away without mentioning the movie’s Bond girl with the risque name, Pussy Galore.  It’s so over the top that it’s just funny.


Week 2…

It’s Week 2 of James Bond Saturdays – From Russia With Love

Bond 2

The second movie of the series is classic Bond, from the first faint rumblings of the Bond theme.  With the first introduction, ‘Bond, James Bond’, we couldn’t help but let out an ‘oh yeah.’  So classic, so iconic.   The exotic locales this time were Turkey and Eastern Europe (via the Orient Express).  We enjoyed the entire movie, and overly happy to see some familiar scenes like  Bond battling the enemy helicopter and later fighting Rosa Klebb (and her shoe spike) with a chair.