Father’s Day

Several years ago we started a new Father’s Day tradition. We really needed to do something different since both of our father’s have passed, so much better than sitting around being sad. This year we celebrated a week early since we have something planned for next weekend.

Lolos chicken and waffles

So, now every June we make the trek out to Scottsdale to eat at LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles. The food is amazing and the portions are ginormous. I usually get the Chicken and Waffle special but this year I was looking at the sides and decided I was going to try something new…Chicken, okra and potato salad. I was not disappointed and we all had enough leftovers for two meals.

We gave our guy two posters Marvel movie posters exclusive to San Diego Comicon. We already have a few and these will round out the collection nicely.

The detail here is amazing. I love how the colors in the shield seem to pop out from the paper.

Marvel WS

I love this poster.  It might be my favorite.  Check out the shadows of the Guardians, it’s really the coolest part of the poster.

Marvel GoG

Happy Father’s Day! Wishing all fathers, brothers, uncles, friends and anyone else that has cared and taken time to support others, a happy and relaxing day.


Enough already…

AZ dry heatOy, I’ve had enough of this year already.  It’s been stressful since it started and seriously, I am ready for a break.

It’s not uncommon for me to be yearning for a break in the summer.  I know that I have mentioned this but in past summers I have suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Usually people have issues with SAD during long winters and while it’s rare in the summer it can happen.  Summers in Arizona can be rough, May and June aren’t too bad with temperatures under 110° but usually averaging more around 105°.  July and August though usually are much warmer with temperatures averaging around 115° which means we often have days that reach 118° and the overnight lows barely dip below 95°.  High temperatures like that make it hard to get things done, any errands need to be done early in the morning or in the evening, forget about exercising.  After a while it’s easy to start feeling trapped inside all day and most summers I end up feeling restless and a bit depressed.  It doesn’t help that with the higher temperatures comes the monsoons and humidity.

As I said in the beginning, this year has been stressful, we’ve had one major issue and a slew of minor issues that just won’t quit.  For the most part, I have been plugging away, keeping everyone else happy and trying to catch up with all of the everyday stuff that keeps getting pushed aside for the crazy and the crises.  The last few summers I have been able to combat a lot of the SAD symptoms by looking forward to our summer vacation in early August.  By the time the higher temperatures hit in mid July, I am in full preparation mode for our trip.  Thoughts of cooler temperatures and relaxing on the beach were enough to get me through.  This year though there was no vacation planned, new job and the other crazy stuff ruled it out early.

This summer has been mild, for which I am eternally grateful, we’ve only had a few days of temperatures over 110°.  By July, I hadn’t had many moments of feeling like running for the hills. Since early July I have been working on a big project updating B’s room, it’s kept me busy, both creatively and physically.  I had to do some of the work outside, in the sun and it was not fun.  The updating is going well but about two weeks ago I started feeling a little run down.  By last weekend, I was feeling restless and kind of down, my summer blues had rolled in. Blah.  I didn’t say much to anyone, I just kept going with the project.  I was hoping denial and avoidance would make me feel better.  It’s not a perfect solution but better than dwelling on it all.

Imagine my surprise when Sully suggested he take a Monday off and we take a short trip.  He suggested visiting Northern Arizona and I countered with San Diego.  When it comes to planning vacations I am a money saving ninja, I do tons of research and usually book hotels months ahead of time.  Both Northern Arizona and San Diego are big vacation spots during the summer and prices will be sky high with such little notice.  I suggested San Diego because my brother lives there, in a big house with kids away at college.  We normally hang out at his house several day/nights anyway and on a short 3-day trip staying there is a great option.  After a few random conversations I suggested that instead of taking a Monday off, the Friday before Labor Day would be even better.  We’d get an extra day which means more time to relax.


By noon last Friday, I had booked space at my brother’s house and Sully had been approved for the day off.  I am still struggling with feeling restless but hopefully I’ll be to counteract it with being busy finishing B’s room and preparing for the trip.  I am also going to keep checking the forecast for San Diego’s weather.  In fact, tomorrow the high here will be 102° and in San Diego the high temperature will be …  77°  Booyah!!!  I can’t wait!


R & R…

Relaxation and reading…

Our summer vacation is coming up and we’ve decided to finally do the relaxing beach vacation that we’ve been talking about for all of these years.  Our hotel is within walking distance to the beach and we are ready to spend several days enjoying the sand, surf and the much cooler weather.  

You can’t plan to relax on the beach without a good book or two, or three.  I figured I would throw a few paperbacks from my TBR pile into my beach bag and I’d been talking to Boo about what she would like to bring to read.  In the meantime, Sully has been singing the praises of his Kindle.  It’s a second generation Kindle that Sully’s mom actually gave Boo when she got a newer model.  Boo wasn’t using it so Sully borrowed it to take to work.  It’s been a few months and Sully has really enjoyed using it.  Boo was looking at different books, she reads several series, and then found out that John Barrowman from Dr. Who and Torchwood has written a young adult book with his sister, Carole Barrowman.  At the time, Hollow Earth was only available in hard cover which to my mind is not the most beach friendly format.  It recently came out in paperback but a second book, Bone Quill,  just came out in hardcover.  Boo talked to Sully’s mom who is also a big John Barrowman fan, Gramma agreed that hardcover was not the best choice for the beach and suggested getting it for her Kindle.  It’s the logical choice but I didn’t see Sully giving up his new toy anytime soon.

Later that day, Boo and I cornered Sully and he gave us nice walk through of the Kindle.  I’ve been reading books through the Kindle app on my iPhone and iPad for years but I didn’t have much experience with the Kindle.  Sully’s main selling point for the Kindle compared to the iPad is the fact that the Kindle is much easier to read in bright light.  Clearly this is a major selling point when you are planning trip to the beach.  After much discussion between the three of us it was decided that we would buy two more Kindles so that all three of us could read on the beach.

I looked at the current Kindle on Amazon and compared it to Sully’s Kindle 2, and I decided that I liked the Kindle 2 better.  I took a couple of spins through eBay and as of Friday we are now a three Kindle household.  I am quite happy with how things worked out, the price of the two Kindles averaged out to about $40 each.  They both came with chargers, cables and cases*.  I am amazed that we got two Kindles plus the extras for the price of a single new Kindle with an inexpensive case.  All in all, it turned out to be a great idea.  Thanks Gramma!

I’ve already read two novellas and I am several chapters into a new book.  Boo is excited to read hers and to get the Hollow Earth books and Sully is glad that he gets to keep possession of his borrowed Kindle.


IMG_2078                              IMG_2079         


*It was a funny coincident that all three of us have the same black Amazon Kindle case.  It’s a good solid case and I like how the Kindle clips in on the side.


Do what works…


Today we will find a second installment of writing conversation from Kevin Hearne on the subject of linear vs. non linear writing.  Kevin shares some of his experience with this issue, a few of Kevin’s writer friends also chime in.

Writing Encouragement No. 2

In writing, the shortest distance to the end is not always a straight line.

Click here to get the full post on Storify.com

Check out Kevin’s website to learn more about Kevin and his awesome books.  

Here are my unpublished and inexperienced two cents…

I’ve finished two of my NaNo novels.  The first one I wrote skipping around and sort of stitching things together.  The second one I wrote in a more linear way and I am finding the rewrites on this on to be much more difficult than the first.  I think the problem may lie with each scene and chapter being so connected to the next.  There isn’t enough of a separation to allow me to wedge my red pen and delete button.  I think it will take me some time to really get a handle on this story and get it rewritten the way it needs to be.


A cat in my house…

I often say that if reincarnation is the way things really go then I want to come back as a cat in my house.  While I realize that doesn’t make a lot of sense then I will say that I would want to come back as a cat in a similar house.  I mean, come on, it’s a pretty good gig.  There are numerous places to snooze, soft and snuggly places, little spaces to curl up in, the super cool feeling of lounging in the bathroom sink, stretched out in the sun by the window or laid out under the ceiling fan.  Of course, don’t forget boxes and baskets, especially the ones that aren’t quite big enough but somehow become a sort of  perfect fit.  In this house, if you fall asleep in the wrong spot you get lifted up and moved to another equally comfy location and often are scratched and snuggled for the trouble.  Oh, and don’t forget the food, endless amounts of crunchy, tasty kibbles all day long and then awesome, meaty yums at dinnertime.  Hopefully, I will be more dignified and not hang off of the counter fronts while the yums are being dished up but you never can tell.

I have parented many cats over the years and I loved every one of them.  They all had their own personalities, likes and dislikes and every last one of them were rescues.  A lot of them found me and I was happy to be found.  This is for all of them and the few that I fostered over the years and helped find forever families to love them.


Kit Kat – Halloween 2010









Baby Kitty



Jericho – July 2009






Sammy – July 2008


Baby Kitty


Scotty and Pippa – November 2011


Pippa and Scotty – November 2011





Pippa and Scotty 0323

Scotty and Pippa – March 2012

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