Down the line…

I continually amazed at how an incident at point A can cause an effect at point H or even further down the line.  It makes me think about how my actions might be affecting others including people I don’t even know.

This all started because my sister, Lily, was going to stop by today.  She was waiting for her grandson’s father to come pick him up, the mom and dad are not together.  Lily had another stop to make on the way to my house.  She calls me at about thirty minutes before the time that she was supposed to stop by saying that the dad still hadn’t arrived.  Thirty minutes later I get a text that he just called her.  He had just awakened, I was so annoyed on her behalf.  He lives about an hour away, so here my sister had been waiting on him for nearly two hours.  

My sister took her grandson with her to make the other stop she had to make and then returned home to wait for the dad.  She was quite flustered when she got to my house apologizing for being late.  I was fine, I had a few things that I was doing around the house.   I was annoyed though for her sake.  I really thought that was rude.  He apologized and it was accident, I get that.  I possibly would have been less annoyed if he was a more responsible guy all around.  He’s one of those ‘it’s all about me’ type of guys.  But, I am getting off topic here, kind of…

He overslept and didn’t make it to my sister’s house when he said he would.  That caused my sister to be late, which affected her friend who was moving that day and was waiting for Lily to pick up some boxes and furniture.  It affected me, to a lesser extent, but upset Lily because she was making me wait.  I got annoyed because Lily was upset.  After Lily left my house she was heading to the hospital to meet with the social worker regarding her husband’s medical care.  Lily had to reschedule that meeting for a later time, so the social worker was affected and possibly her other appointments as well.

It’s important that we think about what we are doing and how we are doing it.  Nobody is perfect and we all have our bad days.  For some people, though, they’ve made it a habit to not think beyond themselves and what they are doing.  My parents were pretty good about talking to us about consequences of our actions whether they be small or big.  I guess I am ahead of the game there.  In the future, I will definitely be thinking about how what I am doing would affect someone down the line.  


No rest for the wicked…

It’s weird, I have had days that were worse and of course, days that have been better.  Tonight, I just feel worn out.

It could be some of my late night’s over the weekend coming back to haunt me.  One of those nights I was up until 4:00 in the morning because one of the old dogs wasn’t sure what it wanted to do.    The other nights though, I was up until 1:00 or 2:00, watching movies or reading.  Not writing though, which is said, but not part of what I am talking about tonight.  It was a holiday weekend and we wanted to have a nice weekend to catch up on movies and TV shows that we missed last year.

I am sure that most of it is a result of the late night over the weekend compounded by several short nights since then.  It doesn’t make it better knowing that but there you go.

Under the tired though is growing frustration, which is most likely fueled by the lack of sleep.  Regardless, I am frustrated and overwhelmed, and it sucks.  There’s so much to do and most of the time I just feel like I have no idea where to start.  There’s a ton of little things I could do but I’ve gotten to the point where I even struggle on which of those things I should I do first.  My house is a mess.  It’s not so far gone that if we got a call that someone was coming over in an hour that we couldn’t get it mostly presentable for our surprise guests.  That sort of cleaning though would essentially be what Faith refers to as ‘rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic’.  I just keep moving things from surface to surface not really finding a permanent place for anything.  It’s about to drive me batty.

The last three weeks have been mostly about getting Boo’s school stuff straightened out and being prepared for class.  Our third week is almost over and we seem to be falling into a pretty good routine.  This week I have been able to work on the crafty plans for the couch cushions while we watch TV.  It’s good that I am getting that part done but it’s not getting my house any cleaner.  

Well, in a way it would help because the new foam cushions are taking up space in the hallway.  Of course there are 52 other things in the hallway that need to be dealt with but who’s counting, right?  The problem with the hall is that I am in the middle of organizing stuff in the hobby/craft room.  It’s gotten to the point that the work I’ve done in there now involves two other rooms.  I am not ready to rip up another room (or two) so we have the stuff in limbo, hanging in the hallway.  

Ok, so here’s my plan…

Go to bed and get some sleep.  Then tomorrow I will try to tackle some small things and not worry about the other stuff.


Lazy Monday…

Today was a good day, which was a bit surprising given the night I had.  One of our old dogs barked on and off all night.  I put him out, let him back in, crated him, let him into the house none of it seemed to help.  Well, letting him into the house seemed to help, but I didn’t get to sleep until 4:00 am.   I was very thankful that I was able to sleep in until nearly 9:30.  Sully and I laid around in bed until 10:30 or so.  We had a great brunch around 11:30, leftovers from brunch with Gramma on Saturday morning.  

We spent the day watching movies and I worked on measurements for the couch cushions.  I needed to add everything up so I can figure out how much fabric I will need.  I had my graph paper workbook, a pencil, pencil sharpener and a ruler to work it all out.  I decided to use the bottom cushions  we are using now as the new back cushions.  The pillows we have now along the back are super squishy.  I can use those pillows at the sides where the end tables are and in the corner.  So, all in all, I figured out I needed ten yards of fabric.  

Joann’s had denim on sale for 50% off and the sale ended today.  Boo and I stopped at Joann’s on the way home from Boo’s dance class.  I found some great black denim that was 60 inches wide.  The only problem is that the bolt only held 8 yards.  I had to find a second bolt and hope that there was at least ten yards between the two bolts.  The first bolt had 7 yards and 30 inches, I got the 30 inches for 50% off the sale price.  Yay!  The second bolt had three yards and 13 inches, with the 13 inches also 50% off the sale price.    

I’ve got my cushion fabric plus a little extra to cover the squishy pillows.  I also saw that they had colored denim so I might go back and grab some of that if I need it for the squishy pillows.  I have a few more things to figure out before I start sewing but I am glad I have gotten this far.  

It was a lazy day but I actually got something done.  Yay me!



Fair to midland…

It’s the middle of the week and I am so ready for the weekend.  That’s pretty much it.

Day 13

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 13 (shimmy layered hip circle, tremor figure eight, and Sa’idi turn)

3.  Writing  –  Research

4.  Exercises – Abs/legs/Stretching

5.  Project –  Garage (2 x 20 minutes)


Keeping busy…

My baby kittens are having surgery today.  They aren’t really babies anymore, they are nearly six months old but still they were so tiny when we got them.

It’s time for their spay and neuter surgeries and I am a bit nervous. 

I shouldn’t be nervous, I worked at three different veterinary hospitals over the span of seven years.  I know the protocol and procedures, I scheduled appointments and calmed down pet owners on a weekly if not daily basis.  Still when it’s my pet, I am just as crazy as every other pet owner.

Boo and I dropped them off this morning at 6:30.  The staff was really nice and I felt very comfortable with the kittens being well taken care of.  They do their surgeries early in the day and we were told that we should expect to pick them up between noon and 3 pm.

We spent the morning working on school and I concentrated on straightening up my craft room.  The school room and the craft room are one and the same, so it was easy to keep Boo on track with school while I worked on the craft mess.

The office called around ten in the morning, both Pippa and Scotty were out of surgery and were doing fine.  We were told we could pick them up at noon.  

They were still a little groggy when we picked them up.  We left them in their crates for several hours and then kept them in the bedroom overnight.  Scotty recovered pretty quickly, which is to be expected since his surgery was less intrusive.  Poor little Pippa was not a happy camper, it took her a bit longer to be back to normal.  She was still hissing at Scotty Wednesday morning but relaxed a bit by the middle of the day.  


I am happy to report that both babies are doing well and are back to full activity.  They still love us, I am so relieved.  


Scotty and Pippa catnapping on Friday.