Last weekend I was barraged with Facebook posts, blog entries and articles about the hullabaloo with Disney over the apparent makeover of the Brave character Merida.  I looked at the pictures, read a few articles and decided I wasn’t all in dither like the ‘other sane’ women reading the same stuff.  I mostly kept my opinion to myself sharing it with Sully, Boo and Faith.  

It’s been a week and people are still talking about this and now I am just annoyed about the whole thing.

I saw this article on Comic Book ResourcesDisney Reverses Merida Makeover, but Still Seems to Miss the Point’

I commented at that website and I’ve put it here too…


There are so many other things to worry about that the look of a Disney princess doesn’t really rank high up there on my list. Now that this has gone on for more than a week I am annoyed and so I am commenting. She’s dressed up for her Coronation, people dress up for stuff like that even when they don’t want to. I also wouldn’t think she would show up for her own coronation armed with her bow and arrow. 

Last week when all of this started, I found it ironic that the people that complained the most were the same people that had just posted pictures of their daughters dressed up for Prom. They added comments like, “My ‘Julie’ is a bit of a tomboy and never wears dresses but she was excited for Prom and even wore makeup.” I guess I should have left comments that ‘Julie’ was a sellout or how this would put her morality into question.

My daughter will have a good body image because we (her parents) are teaching her that people come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one size fits all. My daughter loves Disney but she knows the difference between reality and storytelling, As much as we might want flying carpets, talking animals and birds fixing us breakfast, our family is aware that it’s not going to happen. 

I am a mom of an eleven year old daughter, so I get this issue, I really do.  The important thing here is that women don’t have to choose between being strong or sexy.  I love to watch football and I can wield power tools like a pro, and yet, I am also a bellydancer and like to get dressed up on occasion.  And I have a geeky side that loves Sci Fi and goes to comicon every year.  Just because I am wearing a dress doesn’t mean I couldn’t kick some ass, and I think the same goes for Merida.   


Something else to add or just think about too.  Should we be judging Merida by her clothing and appearance?  I thought one of the key arguments of the equality fight was that a person’s actions are far more important than their appearance, income, religion, or …I could go on.  


I’ve added two images that clearly show Merida with her bow and arrows.  All of the posts, blogs and articles I read showed the same two images, the movie version of Merida with her bow and arrows and the makeover unarmed version.  In the comment section of one of the articles someone brought up the fact that there were other images of her with her bow and arrows.  A quick Google search brought me these two images.  I probably could have found more but I thought two was enough.  It’s clear that these are Disney images and that the invitation to Merida’s Coronation was put out some time before May 11th and well before the hullaballoo broke out.




D princesses














Nothing going on…

My short rant for the week…

I am a stay at home mom, in charge of teaching homeschool, housekeeping, pet caretaking, landscaping, and pretty much everything else that goes on here.  Yet time and time again, people who very well know how much I do here but act like I just sit around watching TV.  No one has ever said anything straight out but there is definitely the air of ‘you don’t have a job so your schedule isn’t important.’  

It makes me crazy.  I offer to help and then I have to work around their schedule.  No one even asks me what will work for me.  Half the time I show up at the time they tell me and then I have to wait around for them.  I spend so much time standing around thinking of all of the stuff that I need to do at home.  It’s so rude and disrespectful.  It seriously makes me want to scream.  


Letting go…

Today was one of those weird days that was a combination of a less than desirable situation and really good company.  

I can’t really go into details and yes, it’s kind of rude for me to bring it up if I can’t really talk about it.  It’s not completely my story to tell so I feel it’s best to go gently but I will try really hard not to be completely vague about things.

So, first the situation, there was some physical household type activity involved it was dusty and dirty and free of air conditioning as well as yard work type of stuff on a humid 101 degree day.  It’s wasn’t super hard work but it wasn’t fun work either, although some of the yard work stuff was a a bit rough.  

And the company, I’ve been close to one of these people for many years but contact has been kind of spotty over time and only we have only reconnected in recent years.  The other person I had never really gotten a chance to get close to but in the last two years I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  

Yesterday, while we were working I was able to discuss some stuff that had been bugging me since my parents passed a few years ago.  It was nice to get it out and find out I wasn’t out of line or nuts for thinking some of the stuff.  

The best part was going to lunch after we were done working, Boo and Sully met us there.  We talked for quite a while and had a good time.  I am very grateful for that time and it seriously reaffirmed to me that families are who and what you make of them not only the DNA, blood or documents that say that you are.

Here is a great blog post about making your family, on the Lucy March blog A Year and Change.




So much for that…

Someday I will figure out how to get my blog entries to post when I want them to post.  I had a few days worth from before and during vacation that for whatever reason didn’t post.  Whatever reason?  Yeah, yeah, I am sure it’s my fault.  Although I do have to say that the wireless internet in our hotel wasn’t the best.  It would connect and then I would lose signal and have to jump through all of the hoops to get connected again.  It was a pain.

The gist of all of this is that I will be posting those entries over the next couple of days.  So, I apologize in advance for the multitude of posts that will be popping up.


Eclipse viewing…

I almost forgot about the solar eclipse this evening.  Luckily I was looking at Twitter, I follow several funny people, and someone mentioned the eclipse.  I looked up the times and realized I had a little over an hour to get prepared.

I did a quick Google search and found this tutorial on how to make your own pinhole projector.  It’s from the Exploratorium, ‘the museum of science, art and human perception’ in San Francisco.  It looks very cool, definitely on my list of things to check out when I eventually get to visit San Francisco.

Here is the projector that I made from a box slightly bigger than a shoe box.

This the top, with the pinhole through the aluminum foil.   The next picture shows the little viewing window.




6:15 pm, Arizona time.


It’s great that you can really see the movement across the dot of light from picture to picture.


At this point, as soon as you walked outside you could tell that something was going on.  The light outside was just a little dimmer than normal.  Very cool but kind of eerie.



This is the last picture.  I went back out at 7:10 but the sun had gone down enough that there wasn’t direct light shining on the box.


Putting it all together…

I don’t know if I have mentioned my desk before but it’s a continual source of annoyance for me.  I could spend hours sorting and cleaning it then two hours later it will be messy again.  My desk is the destination for everything in the house that has no place or for those items that no one knows what to do with.   Honestly, I am guilty of that myself but I am the least of the offenders.  Right now, I can see a few things that don’t belong, instructions for a toy that was bought recently, Boo’s spelling book, an AT&T  magazine dated August 2011.  That’s probably enough to get my point across.  

Underneath my desk is no different.  I’ve got a set of the plastic drawers on wheels for the basic office stuff like staples, index cards, envelopes, extra pens and pencils.  (And yes, I did stop typing and checked to see what I had in those drawers.)  I also have a stack of unmatched drawers and containers under the other part of my desk.  Those have old writing magazines, notebooks and drafts, some travel information and all the information from the university I went to and what I need to do to finish my degree.  (Yes, I never got my degree, but that’s an entire other blog post.)

The basic gist here is that I was sick of the unmatched containers that I cobbled together for my stuff under the desk.  A few weeks ago, Sully and I had seen an organizational system at Target.  Last night, I got to thinking about that and after pulling the Mother’s Day card I just Sully and Boo to go with me to Target.  I picked up two of the Itso cubes.  

In the picture, you can see the various options for organizing with the cubes, full size bins, shelves and smaller bins, there are even trays and doors that can be added.

I bought two of the tan cubes and decided to add some magazine file boxes to organize the various papers and notebooks.  I found some fairly inexpensive cardboard magazine boxes at Staples.  They came in a pack of four, which was good.  The only problem is that they looked like this.

Totally groovy for a car insurance office in 1976, not so much for my desk that I am trying so hard to pretty up.

I’ve already been to Staples in recent weeks picking up a few things to help with the organization on the top side of my desk.

I decided to decorate the boxes, first I covered them with white contact paper.  Like so…

It was pretty easy, there were a few moments of ‘hey, don’t stick to that’, but overall is was a pretty simple process.  I covered four boxes in all.  

My next step involved file folders from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples.


I cut three of the folders in half along the fold, one of each pattern.  I then cut the pieces into two sections, the first at 4″ wide.  I am not sure if there has been a particular designation on the correct front and back for the magazine holders.  For my purposes, I am calling the full height end as the back and the shorter end the front.  I used one whole strip to decorate the back and then cut a smaller piece for the front.

So, here I have three magazine holders each decorated with a different Martha Stewart print.  I have a fourth holder but didn’t want to repeat the pattern.  Mostly because I didn’t want to have to choose which pattern would be repeated.

Tomorrow, I am going to work on moving my papers and such into the cubes and magazine holders.  I might go back and buy a few more of the magazine holders, so I could have three magazine holders per cube.

Hopefully, there will be some good pictures of the finished project later this week.