Almost Friday…

All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Thursday.  I really knew it was Wednesday but it’s been a long week.  Today felt like Thursday though, so that’s good.

Today was one of those days where I felt very busy but I didn’t get a lot done.  It’s hard to get a ton done though because of my ankle.  I really hurt it Monday, then tweaked it a bit on Tuesday and again this afternoon.  At this point it feels worse than it ever has, before it only hurt when I moved in a certain way.  Now, I get moments when it’s achy for no reason other than my foot isn’t elevated or even just because.  I wear a brace most of the day, taking it off occasionally to let my foot breathe while elevating it.  At night I wear a neoprene wrap that keeps me from moving around too much.  Last week I woke up in pain several times as I moved my foot in apparently bad positions.   The wrap is perfect for sleeping, it isn’t too tight as to cut off circulation like a normal brace might overnight.  But it’s not so loose that it still keeps me from hurting the ankle while asleep.  I should probably ice it more but we just have flat ice packs and that’s just not working.  I need to get some frozen peas, those bags are perfect for ankles.

Oh, and my NaNo project is up to 14,000 words.  Yay me!

Today, I am thankful for Sully and Boo.  It’s been a tough week in many ways but I really enjoyed our time together today.  I am also really thankful that I am caught up with laundry.  I am sure it seems an odd thing to be thankful for but it’s taken me weeks to get back on track.


Happy Mabon…

Today is the first day of Autumn.  The day and night are in balance and it is the time for us all to find look for balance as we head for cooler weather and winter.  I am a Libra and I am always looking for balance in my life.  

I’ve always loved the Fall, even though Arizona doesn’t show the fall colors.  A good part of my affection for the Fall is the dropping temperatures although there are many reasons to love this time of the year.  It’s a time of new beginnings, a new school year, the football season starts and of course, for Sully and I, our birthdays*.  In our house the holiday season starts with our birthdays, then Boo’s birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, it ends up being a quick slide right into Christmas and New Year’s.  

I’ve spent most of the year searching for balance, and given how the year has gone I think I have done a fairly good job.  There’s been a lot of unexpected events and I’ve done my best to work through them, around them and with them.  I think I am just about to the place where I am going to get things turned around for the better.

In July, I did my 21 Day Challenge, I drank more water, exercised everyday and got into a routine of strength training.  I felt better and I lost 5 pounds.  We went on vacation and I kept planning on jumping back into another 21 day challenge.  For several reasons, it never happened.  It was a tough summer for my allergies and of course, the Arizona heat doesn’t really allow for a lot of exercise.  I did get some other stuff figured out with my daily schedule and I think that will help with things once I get on the right track with my fitness.

We have 21 days until our next vacation, so I am going to do another 21 day program.  Since it’s all about balance I am going to work on the key areas that I try to balance daily; house, school, writing, fitness and me.

Tomorrow, I will write more about my plan.  Today, just enjoy the first day of Autumn.

On this day of equal light and darkness, may you find the balance you need in your life, may you be blessed with abundance of many kinds, and may you be surrounded by the people who love you.


Blessings to you and yours, Happy Mabon!


*I found out that Sully’s birthday was the day before mine on the night that led to him asking me out for the first time.