Perfect timing…

I got my new washer and dryer today.  I am so excited, which probably sounds a little looney, but I got to actually pick out what I wanted.  Not what was cheapest, not what would be practical, but the set that I actually wanted.   I will be eternally grateful to Sully’s mom for such a generous and thoughtful gift.  She suggested it a few weeks ago but with my brother in law in the hospital recovering from a stroke we had put off our shopping trip.  Last Friday, we decided to just get it done.  (My brother in law is still in the neurological ICU but he is stable we are waiting and hoping for him to heal and come back to us.)  It was a nice surprise, going shopping on Friday.  It turned out to be the perfect week to have them delivered.  Boo and I started our Christmas break this week so I had some extra time.  We just have Christmas crafts and general housekeeping stuff to do this week.  I had plenty of time yesterday to work on crafts and clear out the laundry area.  Definitely perfect timing, I am ready for a great week.

This is the set that I got…

samsung wd set

It was delivered this afternoon and it looks great.

I spent most of yesterday moving stuff out of the laundry area, which is just a 6 foot by 3 foot closet, give or take a few inches.  I had some shelves on the back of the unit that held my detergent and other cleaning items as well as a rolling cart that slid in between the washer and dryer.  After cleaning everything else out I started moving the old washer and dryer.  My old set works great and I actually feel bad for replacing them they work so well.  I am planning on donating the set so that someone that needs it can make use of it.  The dryer was easy, unplug, disconnect the vent hose and wheel it away.  The washer was a bit more complicated as I couldn’t get the cold water to turn off.  I ended up leaving it in the closet for the delivery people to deal with.

I was glad that I got the dryer out though so that I could clean the floor, there was a mat of lint that matched the footprint of the dryer exactly.  I had to use a scraper to get it all up, swept and mopped twice.  Moving the dryer and mucking around with the washer also helped me figure out that the new set wasn’t going to fit like the other set did.  The depth of the closet is 32 inches, the new set is 31.125 inches deep, I didn’t even think about the hookups in the back.  Oy…  Well, at least there is a finished doorway that adds another five inches to the depth of the closet.  Of course, that means that the ugly bifold doors had to come off.  I wasn’t exactly upset about that but now it would be an open space and that I might be upset about.

Here’s my poorly lit pic of the new set in my little laundry area.  You can see on the sides how the closet cuts back out a bit on each side. 

washer and dryer

I am looking at ideas for covering the area or at least dressing it up.  I will keep you posted.  The dryer is singing a little tune to me now.  That load must be dry.


Injury report…

A few weeks ago we were watching a football game and the announcers mentioned that one of the players was questionable for the game due to ‘vertigo like symptoms’.  I didn’t really say anything but I thought it was kind of odd.  I’d never had vertigo but I didn’t think it was a serious enough condition to keep someone out of a game.  I know that it can be a symptom related with head injuries and concussions so I let it go at that.

Until this morning, on a normal day I am a bit stumbly first thing in the morning.  I will be the first person to tell you that I am not a morning person in any way, shape or form.  This morning though I was grabbing on to the walls to walk Sully to the door.  My head hurt and I had a lot of sinus pressure and took allergy medicine and some ibuprofen while Sully loaded his work stuff in his car.  After he left I realized that the walls were listing to the left in a slow spin.  I was pretty miserable at that point and it just got worse.  I thought maybe resting in bed would help, not even close.  I immediately got nauseous and then I got sick.  Blah.  Luckily that helped with the room spins although it took me a few hours to feel steady on my feet.

So, I apologize to every athlete that I have mentally questioned about vertigo symptoms because that was fairly miserable to deal with.  Good news on the ankle front, it’s feeling pretty good.  It doesn’t seem to be swelling anymore and I really feel like it is healing at this point.  I still have to take it easy but I am relieved that it’s improving.

Later in the day I was able to get a few things done around the house.  I got the bulk of the Halloween decorations packed up and put away in the garage.  The kitchen table still has the linens and some of the kitchen stuff to deal with but I will take care of that tomorrow.

Today I am thankful that I am a stay at home mom.  I can’t ever say how much I love the time that I spend with Boo.  She was so sweet this morning when I didn’t feel well.  I had a drink, she brought me a sandwich and worked the remote controls so I had something to watch.  


Remembering and thanks…

It seems fitting that Veterans’ Day is in the same month as Thanksgiving.  Our veterans and their families sacrificed a great deal to keep our country safe.

In honor of those who have served,
and those serving now…
Thank you!