Jazz hands…

2012 was supposed to be the year that I spent time on myself. I was going to eat better, exercise, lose the weight that’s been creeping up and up every year. I was going to rededicate myself to my writing and finally do the rewrites on my finished NaNo project from 2009. I even started this blog on January 1st so I could keep track along the way.

The year turned out to be not so good, but there was some good stuff, in between the bad. I wrote over 200 blog posts, I made some in roads personally and I cut down my Dr Pepper intake to 12 ounces or less a day.

Overall, though, I am looking forward to 2012 being over. I’ll even be nice and wave goodbye with Jazz hands.

Come on, 2013. Let’s do this!


Light in the darkness…

Today, I am borrowing the blog post from Re-inventing Fabulous again.  We are putting up lights again, this time for our friends, family and anyone else that had gotten us through our dark days.  

“We need lights for our friends today…Let’s really light this sucker up with our friends, even the difficult ones (and we all have ‘em).”

Today, I am putting up lights for…

Sully – I wouldn’t get through the day without my best friend and soulmate, my husband.

Faith – my BFF, the ‘sister’ that I met in college, we chat daily via Facebook.

Val – met in Russian 101, twenty four years ago and always pick up where we left off.

My ReFab and Betty friends, who have helped me through this last year even though I lurk more often than I post.

Lighting it up for all of them and a few more.


Crazy busy…

October is a crazy busy month for us.  Sully and I barely step out of our birthday weekend and right into the crazy.  Boo’s Birthday and Halloween are the biggest events.  I should also add that we take our annual Disneyland trip usually in the second week of October.  We come home from that and slide right into birthday prep and party followed by frantic costume sewing for Halloween.

Halloween is big for us, between decorating and the costumes it’s almost as big as Christmas.  We usually decorate for Halloween after Boo’s birthday but this year she wants a Nightmare Before Christmas birthday party.  It will be nice decorating early, we have a lot of decorations that usually only get put up for ten to fourteen days.  I like having the entire month of October to enjoy the decorations.



Here’s a view of our decorations in the kitchen. That’s Scotty trying to blend in.




Good habits…

I wrote back in February about how there is a lot of talk that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  You can Google “21 days to form a habit” and get a few dozen results.

In fact, I found this, MamaJenn has a great blogpost about using the 21 days to change your life.  She created a lovely printable to help you keep track.

Mamajenn’s printable –  21 Days to Becoming {Habit Forming Printable}


 I’ve thought about my June +1 activities and came up with five things that are important and that I really need to work on.  I’ve got 21 days to make them habits. If I make it through the 21 days having done all five things everyday then I am going to reward myself with something nifty*.  

 Here is my list…

 1.  Drink 3 – 24 oz. tumblers of water EVERY day.

2.  Watch and dance/exercise to an episode of Shimmy, EVERY day.

3.  Write, edit or plan, but work on my writing, EVERY day.  (See the recurring theme?)

4.  Keep up with the weight and strength exercises, EVERY day.

 5. 15 minute project – set timer do as much as I can in 15 minutes.  EVERY day.

Everyday I will report on my daily results.  I’ll keep track of the day and progress below the “21 Days for Me!” banner.   I think I have picked the right combination of activities, health, fitness, personal, and household stuff.  It’s the usual stuff I have to deal with every day, this is more manageable.  I’ve got a plan, now it’s time to get started.

*To be determined later.

Day 1

 1.  Water –  3 – 24 oz. tumblers

2.  Shimmy –  Episode 1  

3.  Writing  –  Outlining

4.  Exercises – Abs/leg workout

5.  Project –  Craft room (15 minute timer)


***** I had a difficult time getting the Shimmy DVD to play.  I didn’t give up though and found a solution.  Yay me!


Thinking about resolutions…

I spent most of the day removing ornaments from the Christmas tree.  Then I worked on packing away our Christmas tree and the ornaments.  Hmm, what?

A fake tree, you ask? Yes, we have a fake tree, I am allergic to live trees, something that I inherited from my father.  When I was in college I was staying with a friend and was quite excited to help her with live Christmas tree.  It was neat to see it in her house and have the experience of seeing how the other half lived.  My exposure to the tree was somewhat limited. I say that because I was going to classes in the morning and working until eight o’clock every night and the room I was staying in was downstairs.  Still, it only took three days before I started feeling crummy another day and I was congested and coughing.  It didn’t take long after that for me to slide right into a nasty case of bronchitis.  So, yeah, a fake tree, thanks for asking.

So, anyway, while I was de-ornamenting the tree I was thinking about my options for New Year’s resolutions.  There’s the ever popular exercise and lose weight resolution, or the quit drinking/smoking/farting/fill in the blank  or my favorite, the getting organized promise.  

After some thought and procrastination, I am going to forego the resolutions and make some flexible goals for the coming twelve months.  I am working on a list and I will share ideas that pop up as I go along here.

I think the first thing that should go on the list is ‘Getting to bed earlier’.  Sleeping for only six hours a night is not optimal for operating coherently.

New Year’s Day is about to slide into it’s place in history.  I will take a moment to wish us all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year in 2012.